Prayer Request For Our Son Zachary (Feb 18)

On Sunday Feb 4, we took our autistic son Zachary to the hospital ER because he was not improving from what we thought was just a flu with fever. They determined he was septic with a pneumonia from some unknown infection source and put him in ICU. He is still there as of Feb 18 but improving steadily now, with occasional steps back like today with his swallowing. We set up this page to request prayers and update family, friends, and supporters in one place on his progress. About the photo above: Zach smiling again (despite the oxygen tubes!).

Zachary is still in ICU but no longer intubated or sedated but still on oxygen tube. His blood labs are looking good and should be out of ICU next week. Please keep praying. Thank you.

Hospital Updates

(See earlier background below.) Note the times are in Germany/GMT+1.

Feb 18

Katrina' shares some more good news about Zach's exit plan from the hospital that alleviates a concern we had about losing our private room once we transition from ICU (which Katrina depends on for caring for him 24x7). She shares about patience at the 5:00 mark.

Afternoon Doctor Update (new information on Zach swallowing into his lungs):

Katrina comments:

They are going to do another X-ray of his lungs tonight as well just to see what’s happening. They still are going to fast him for the specialist and do the X-ray. They obviously have to.

I just thought about it. It may be that maybe he was still a little sedated and things working slower. They sedated him lightly last night which I did not know until late this morning when he was still sleeping. I thought he was slow to wake up. I was told to wait a half hour from when they turned off the sedation and he would be fine to eat. I believe he needed more time than that although He was alert, he may not have had everything functional enough to eat.

It is only a worry because it is thought that maybe he had aspirated some throw up from being sick with the pneumonia that cause further troubles. But who knows what really happened. Only God knows.

Anyway, I was just praying here and thinking and he has eaten fine for two days straight until this morning. The only difference has been the sedation.

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Feb 17

Here's Katrina's update on Zach's progress and at the 4:00 mark begins a teaching on burdens vs. burdensome and how we view Zachary as not a burden.

Feb 16

"Merci" in the photo means thank you in French. I love that it looks and sounds a lot like mercy. We say thank you to all of you with your prayers, financial support, comments and love. And we thank God for His mercy toward us and all mankind. Thus update is about God’s mercy and goodness toward us and you.

Feb 15

Katrina's podcast update for today on Zach. She explains the history of special needs people in Germany including how the Nazis killed all the people like Zachary.

Katrina also shared this typed update:

Zach will be on oxygen for quite a few days still. They will lower it little by little and see if his oxygen levels are good in his body. Thankfully, no more mask as of last night to deliver the oxygen. They see that his oxygen levels are staying up on just a tube of oxygen going into his nostrils without a full mask to cover the mouth. He is a lot less mad with that and squirms less. He leaves the oxygen tube alone unlike all the fighting he did for hours to get that mask off.

I have given him two proportions of homemade chicken soup broth that Zach’s loving dad made all by himself. I give him very little since he had been fasting for quite a while but he likes it and is coughing a little less now that his throat is more used to liquid going down it. I am sure the chicken soup is helping the inflammation for down in the body and also the warm liquid make his throat feel better.

He has more energy but still very weak. The afternoons are always stronger for him so I expect that he will have more and more energy during the rest of thee day. He is mad at being restrained of course. Who wouldn’t be? But he has energy to show he is mad. He is too load today to give me a smile yet which is very unlike him. I do expect he will start giving his famous smiles later today as he feels better and friends come to visit in a couple of hours.

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Feb 14

After that, Katrina also sent this update:

Zach’s being mad all day paid off in one aspect- he dislodged some of the slime (Schleim in German) and his oxygen went up and less sickness in that lung. For a hard day for him that is something positive. He threw up a portion of his only meals today because he was so upset. The doctors and nurses really are rooting for him. They have come I during exciting times when he was going to stand for first time. They just came in and took the IV injection tube out of his neck. They got rid of a bunch of medicines right now. He is finally just sleeping after such an eventful tough morning and early afternoon for him. He is a fighter. He will make it. We just put one foot in front of the other as God leads it and God does the rest. We calmly do our part and support one another as this experience unfolds its lessons to us. God has been good to us and directed us throughout this event.

Feb 13

Katrina has good news in this short audio recording:


Feb 12

Katrina recorded another update on how she manages to minister to others during this trial. Also she expands on the latest Facebook comment about "letting Zach die" from the same person from yesterday:

This is so astonishing that Tim and Katrina WANT their 23 year old autistic son to LIVE instead of the burden of his care being lifted from them. An Assemblies of God Pastor I knew from the bookstore he owned in Hanford, California, that is now closed since he went back to Pastoring a church, was RELIEVED and THANKFUL when an autistic/brain damaged/or whatever son DIED. It was a horrible 16 years that was finally OVER. But here are Tim and Katrina who don't want to be relieved of a similar or worse burden. Wow!"

Play the video for her reaction to the above.

Katrina also typed up this:

I just got another update now...The brachialoscopy will probably happen tomorrow now. They might do it this evening but probably tomorrow. They will clean out his lungs deeper as much as they can at that time, and may, just maybe he can be extubate tomorrow. We don’t want to do it too soon though because they can’t clean his lungs out without the tubes so Zach has to be strong enough to be producing less fluid in the lungs AND do all that yucky coughing.

His thrombocytes are still getting slightly better. But he shows a little more inflammation . They don’t know where that is coming from. It may be another bacteria or who knows what is what they said. I believe it is just because I worked so much yesterday to get the edema out of his limbs. They are less swollen today which is good.

I really have to watch him. He is awake for about 5 minutes squirming around and wanting to pull at everything and bite his wrist (part of calming himself with what he does not like- part of autism). Then he falls asleep for about 15 Minutes and the cycle continues.

He is definitely keeping me on my toes today. I handing it fine and I am happy to see him have the energy to be more active. The doctors are working on the balance of helping him get the rest he needs to get stronger and be more active which can help with healing too. I know God will help them know how to make that balance.

Zach is still super sick and much wisdom is needed to do all the balancing necessary to get all the way better and make it out of this alive. That is what it looks like right now. I know by faith he will recover and be even better than he has literally ever been. I know God is here and doing whatever needs to be done.

Feb 11

Katrina did a short audio update here where she addresses a very raw and honest comment someone made on Facebook:

After that Katrina reported this:

Small update I just got from the doctor. Zach’s sepsis is going down according to the lab results. His immune system is coming up! He was at 20 for thrombocytes and has jumped to 27 (normal is 150). This is quite significant. It means the body is stronger to fight the virus. The body has to fight that because medicine does not exist to wipe that out.

They have had to keep him more sedated today because he has had such difficulty with throwing up while being intubated. So he has been very quiet obviously.

I have been working all day on reading the Bible to him and doing lymphatic drainage on his feet, ankles, and hands. I just keep going from limb to limb. I am sooooo thankful that God allowed me to go through massage therapy school and also become a lymphologist. I do not practice any longer as I was led to move from that to being a missionary and teaching. But the skills get used in ministry from time to time. (Tim probably would complain at reading this that the shoemaker’s family go barefoot 😂).

Zach’s temperature is still not perfect but thankfully not high enough for medicine.

The new nurse on duty just came in and shared they will start to lower his sedation now and see how he does and start his feeding again very low to give him strength. Pray that we have no more vomiting!

Feb 10 Evening

Katrina's update: "Zach woke up really mad at 5AM. He was coughing with the tubes in his mouth. I called the nurse in and they tried to suction some stuff out. Not a lot came out this time. I think that is a good sign. Obviously there is still much fluid in the lower parts of his lungs.

I really had to hold him down because he wanted to take the tubes out, was coughing from the pneumonia in his lungs, and was just uncomfortable. I can’t blame him for fighting. Even those that can understand what is going on want to fight in a situation like this so Zach, who doesn’t understand is going to actually fight. Although I would rather he use that energy to get better I am glad he has that energy. They had to sedate him more to get him calm so they could help him.

I came downstairs to drink some tea and give the nurses space to clean him up Ana put him on his side so he can breathe better. (Then I got back up for the rest of my sleep thankfully.)

The doctor came in and gave us an update saying he is doing better, slowly today. I brought up about Vitamin C/Glutathione IV and she said they do not have that, but they have a C + multivitamin one with the Glutathione that they can try. (Many had told us to ask about this so that's the answer.)"

How are we doing? Katrina: "Although it still does not look great, I am peaceful believe it or not. I know what I cannot do clearly so I stay in a space of surrender knowing God can do it all. I truly trust Him so therefore I can rest in Him. My sleep schedule is off as you can imagine but I get enough sleep so far. The staff here is excellent. We are in good hands. So, even though this is a crisis I really believe Zach is going to pull through and have miracles happen that he ends up being even better than he has ever been at the end of this hospitalization. I am actually excited to see how he is better after this. I think we are getting better as a family. Crisis are just opportunities to grow. We definitely are riding this wave."

Tim: "“We have our moments where we say to God to 'please end this now!' And then we remember God can stop this at any moment even when it looks worse. We just have to pass the test of our faith, stay in faith and focus on the good that's going to come from this for sure. This gets me through the moments where I waver."

Feb 9 Evening

Katrina's update today: "I got done taking to a nurse and she explained what they know for now. They allowed me to stay as they cleaned out Zach’s lungs the best they could. They can’t obviously get to all the small branches of the air passages in the lungs but they get to the bigger ones and vacuum out the fluid in them. They said this cleaning looked better than the last time. Both lungs have infection in them but his left lung is really compromised with sickness.

The lab results of his blood that they took this morning came in. They did two types of tests to make sure they knew what Zach’s thrombocytes in his blood are doing. It was explained to me that this is what makes the blood coagulate when you get injured. It also does something with immunity of the body. Normal amount of thrombocytes is 150. Zach has only 20. It is super low. They only do transfusions for thrombocytes when a person has 10 or less. No one wants that to happen if at all possible because a transfusion for this has complications and Zach does not need any more complications.

The thrombocytes being low means that there is inflammation in Zachary’s bone marrow. This makes sense since immune defense is from the bone marrow (yes, I know the gut is another area for immune issues). The bone marrow is where blood is manufactured for your body. So we need that inflammation to go away.His fever is down for now and may it stay down. The antibiotics seem to be working right now. Zach has not had many antibiotics in his life so I expect that what they give him will work well. I think they changed his antibiotic to work more specifically with the bacteria they found. This pneumonia is a virus that then opens up to bacteria so your body is fighting by both. Many of you probably know that most viruses cannot be treated. The body must fight it. In Zach’s case, we need to get his immune system up to fight it. The bacteria are responding for now to the medicine. May it continue!

How are Katrina and Tim doing in all of this? We hold our hearts stable with trust in God. We each separately today experienced just about a half hour of that bad feeling in the pit of our stomachs and were able to fight and win the war through prayer and remembering God will make even this work out for good. God shines brightest in troubles. He loves to swoop in when things look bleak and show His power and love. This situation is growing us up even closer to God. I, Katrina, realized today in prayer that if I were to lose heart then I would be like the ten wicked spies that went in to The Promised Land and came back with a bad report. I choose to be like Joshua and Caleb—yeah, there are ‘tiny giants’ in the ‘land’ of Zach’s body but God already made sure the price was paid for him to have the victory through His Son. We stand firm in chosen peace from faith and have strengthened our weak knees with His promises. We praise Him whether in good times or bad because He is supreme and always good to us. Getting God’s ways written into our hearts and minds happens when our hearts and minds are tested. We are choosing to become stronger in Him and weaker in ourselves."

Feb 9 Morning

Katrina's report from last night: "Zachary’s fever is not getting down which means he is not getting better yet. His thrombocytes seem to be going back down for the moment. Those are things in his blood that deal with immune system.They cannot do much about the virus that is making this pneumonia. The bacteria which is also there with this virus they are waiting see the tests to find the specific ones to target.They are taking him now to X-ray his long to see how it looks. They are also going to try another antibiotic. Obviously they were not able to extubate him like that had hoped to by now.

The doctors again look worried as they hoped to see more improvement by now. But I dont believe Zachary has all his business finished in this life. God is divinely intervening and on top of what Zach is going through.What I would want everyone who loves us and are fighting with us for Zach’s life to know is that we are genuinely thankful for all of them. There is no doubt prayer works because otherwise Zach would not even be alive still to keep fighting in my opinion.I choose to see Zach well and fulfilling his divine purposes and believing this nightmare part will just be a testimony for him to tell about his past.

I am still calm and collected. I definitely have feelings about how awful this is but my vision of God is so huge that I feel His Comfort that He promised because He knew we would need it in this life. I choose to not walk by sight or present circumstances but on faith in God and love."

Feb 8 Evening

This afternoon they moved Zach out of bed into a very special chair which he is sleeping away in (photo below). Unfortunately his lung is still not good enough to function without the tubes so the extubation has been delayed.

But sitting in the chair during the day is a welcome progression. First, it makes it easier to breath. Second, it gives him a break from the bed and a difference of routine for the day compared to night.

His temperature is down with medication and the doctor says he hopes to have him off the penicillin and on a specific targeted antibiotic tomorrow. (Yes, we've heard this before, but here's hoping it finally happens.)

Katrina says: "I am at peace and had a good lunch. I look out the window of Zach’s hospital room and am in awe that I live in Germany and see German buildings in person and not just on postcards or TV. The view could be worse (photo below). Even after 2½ years of living here it is just an inspiration to look in any direction wherever I have been in Germany both it towns and countryside. I am super thankful for first world medical care! Thank you God!"

Feb 8 Morning

Katrina: "Ok, so update is Zach slept OK last night. He had a higher fever most of the night and they had to just give him something to bring it down. They left the window open all night and actually it made the air in here very nice to breathe.

He had one small seizure but that is to be expected with a fever and being sick. He is OK. He was stronger last night. He woke up and looked at me a few times and he groped at things to try and take them off or out. It was a little hard for him because he was coughing around having tubes in his mouth. He went back to sleep pretty quickly though after waking each time.

This morning his temperature is down with the medication. The antibiotics that they have had him on are definitely helping thank God. They have waited to try any other medication to help fight this illness because it was not good to try it with a higher fever.

The doctor stresses that he is super sick. My brain stresses that God is super supreme and I can trust Him to love and take care of Zach even better than I know how to. I am at peace.He will be put into a chair and monitored after taking re tubes out. That will be nice for him to be out of the bed for a while.

His hands and feet aren’t as swollen this morning.I am fine. I was able to rest enough around being woken frequently to help Zach through the night.I am so very thankful that this hospital lets us stay all night and all day as much as we want even in ICU. Zach has always gotten better quicker when he has me around. I think that probably most people on the planet understands that. My heart goes out to those who do not.

I will let you know how it goes.

Love you all!

Feb 7 Evening — Doctor says Zach still has a fever but it is lower. His immune system (leukocytes and thrombocytes) are coming up. They still have to clean out his left lung regularly. In summary, he is still "very, very sick."

Feb 7 Morning

Katrina: "I thought I would write up what I know for now. It is not much and I hope to get more information from a doctor sooner or later. I spoke with a nurse and just asked what she knew. She shared that they are going to wait to extubate him because he still has so much fluid and infection in his lung, and he is too weak to cough that much up. So they still have to help with manual draining of infection regularly and help his breathing.

His fever has come down. It is still elevated but better. It is 38 degrees Celsius and normal is 37. So his body is fighting. I have no information on his lab results yet. He is sedated. He is awake but does not move much except when he is more irritated which is not very often yet. I don't think he has the energy to be angry as of yet.

All of his vitals are a lot quieter today-there are less alarms going off showing that something is not within range. I see less care personnel in here just because there are less bells and whistles going off.

I am personally doing well. I have been praying over Zach and doing some lymphatic drainage. He had his  hand hanging off of the bed at night and it became fat. I got it down quite a bit and I got one of his ankles and feet down too. I have been praying and holding his left lung area as that is the infected lung.

I guess what I would want people to know is that it is possible to go through drastic things and keep the peace of God. It is possible to take crisis different than the world because we know and stand on faith that we have a most awesome, powerful, loving, Creator and Dad.  He is soooo with us. It is possible to not worry. I feel blessed that I get to build faith by standing on the truth of God's goodness more than on my sight and other senses. What we prayed and talked about this morning is our truth about counting it all joy when we find ourselves in trials and tribulations because it gives us the opportunity to CHOOSE belief in God over the suffering. Choose hope instead of despair.

Zach is still critical by physical standards.  We are still in ICU.  We just know God loves us all and is here with us as we go through this trial."

Feb 6 Evening — Doctors just reported they identified the virus he has "human metapneumovirus" (hMPV) which is common in small children or compromised immune systems (which Zachary has in this case). It weakened his immune system that let him pick up a bacteria that they have not identified yet (but will have lab results tomorrow about). But the special general "synergistic" penicillin they have now is working. His left lung is bad with the pneumonia, right lung is OK. But they hope to extubate and let him breath on his own tomorrow. Pray this may be so.

Feb 5 Evening — The doctors reported his blood labs were looking better. But he still has a fever (from the sepsis). And there are still unanswered questions "strange cells" in his blood work.

Feb 5 Morning — They have drained his lungs of some very concerning colored liquid and intubated him because the oxygen was not enough. They are still trying to understand the source of his infection. He’s mostly sleeping through it but the doctors have has some worried looks. Thx for your prayers and support through this crisis.

Feb 4 Evening — We went to the ER where they immediately received him and took blood, did an EKG, and ultrasounds of his kidneys and abdomen. They immediately put him on oxygen. Soon after they moved him to the ICU. German efficiency! (If this episode had happened not in Germany but when we were still living in Costa Rica this post would be Zachary's obituary.

Signs Leading Up To The ER

I kept Zachary home Friday from his special needs center because he threw up the night before and did not seem recovered enough in the morning.

Saturday morning I noticed he had a fever. That combined with the vomiting made it seem like he had the flu that triggered it. Katrina stayed near him all day on the couch while I worked on some writing for the Missing Manual.

As the next day went on, we got concerned because he was not improving like he normally does. His breathing was noticeably labored. I knew from past experiences with bronchitis that breathing difficulty is serious and means it is time to go to the hospital.

When we got there they received him right away thankfully. (I've heard the horror stories of long waits at the ER these days.) They took blood and determined he was septic with a lung infection from some unknown infection source. They said he needed the ICU.

Obviously, it hit him really fast. Now three days later, the doctors identified the virus as one that incubates in as little as three days (see update above for the name). He must have picked it up at the special needs center and then got sick and serious faster than we have ever seen.

I request and value your prayers for God to heal Zachary and guide the doctors. We know he will recover and get out of the hospital with everyone praying together and even believe this will work to good with some needed discovery about his health coming out from this. We never doubted his survival even though the doctors who first received Zach expressed worry about it. (Both Katrina and I have unfulfilled dreams about Zach that have strengthened our faith when things looked the worst.)


I've had the following repeated questions so far:

Q. "But how are Tim and Katrina doing?"

Expand answer:...

Short answer: We're actually staying in peace (Php 4:7). God has been increasing our faith greatly since moving to Germany. Seeing your firstborn near death and handing on for life with tubes is not easy. But we know he will survive and also believe something good will come out of this for him (perhaps needed insight into his specific health needs?). Also we know our God is rich and promises to provide all our needs (Mt 6:33) which includes the big medical bills we know are coming. (Already some of you are sending donations which is very encouraging to see—bless you.) This is a test that we were prepared for and will pass with God's help and your prayers and support.

Katrina typed this up on Feb 7th to answer this question: "For me personally my heart is just full of wanting God to really be magnified in this situation. I want it to shout if God’s perfect goodness and love and encourage tons of hands that have grown weary or weak. I would love for them to know how to tap in to The power of the Comforter and be comforted through anything.

My heart is at peace. My smile has not faded and my faith has been made stronger because I chose it over fear. I feel so humbly blessed that my heart is flowing with gratitude towards our Daddy.

I am physically tired just because the hours of sleeping are different. I  getting enough sleep but it is sectioned throughout the day when Zach is sleeping. So extra grace from Daddy that gives my uncommon physical stamina so that I can continue strong would be nice. Oh! And that we would be a blessing to all those around us to the glory of Dad and bless those who are helping us. They are amazing people!

Thank you for fasting for us. I have fasted many times for people and love that ministry. It is so nice to have warriors who fight with me when I am in the middle of the battle.

I believe that Zachary will have miracles and end up being stronger and more restored to what God intended him to have in this life. When things look bad that is where Daddy shines the brightest and shows He is most powerful and magnificent. I am actually excited to see the testimony of His goodness come fully from this situation. "

Q. "Have the doctors done Vitamin C IV for his sepsis?"

Expand answer...
Several have commented that sepsis is often not handled the best and results in unnecessary mortality such as when the doctors don't know about Vitamin C/B12/Hydrocortisone. We asked and they do not have that treatment here. But there is Vitamin C with other nutrients and they agree to order and try that.

Q. "Do you guys have any financial needs with this hospitalization?"

Expand answer...

The short answer is yes this will be a financial blow, even though we're in Germany and have insurance (required by law for our residency). We appreciate those who have asked and already given towards the coming bills which I've set up for those who can help below.

The longer answer is that we only have travelers' insurance here because we're missionaries and that's all we qualify for.

We've gone through a couple of insurance agents and have been told we're not able to get better health insurance because we have no prior insurance and because of our missionary status.

In the past the bills I've tried to submit for Zachary's regular doctor visits or seizure medication they did not pay. I'm sure with this emergency they will cover things finally but by no means all.

I will update this as I have more information. For now there is no doubt we'll need help and welcome those who feel moved to do so to help now.

As some of you who know me remember, I'm uncomfortable asking for financial help because of fear of coming across as begging. But one long-time reader of my free teachings gently corrected me on this.  I had thanked him for giving before I even asked and mentioned it was a helpful example to others at the same time saving me from "seeming like a beggar:"

How To Send Support

If all you can do is pray, thank you. We covet your prayers.

If you can also send support for the medical bills, we appreciate that as well. As self-supporting missionaries doing our ministry mostly for free, we depend on your support for our needs. As explained in the FAQ above, our only insurance option won't cover everything. We all know ICU and doctors are expensive.

Either way, God bless you for all your time, prayers, words and gifts.

Pictures Of All of Us At the Hospital

I'm including the pictures here at the end out of sensitivity to those who are squeamish about seeing people on breathing tubes or even just in a hospital bed. I understand that as I found it very hard to be around Zachary the first day all tubed up like that (fourth picture below).

Zach soon after he came into the ER. Breathing on oxygen.

Zach being wheeled from the ER to ICU soon after the above.

Zach in his ICU room after the first night.

Tim updating family and Facebook about Zach on the first night in the ICU.

Katrina watching over Zach to calm him with her touch and comforting words when he wakes.


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Andreas - February 7, 2018

Praying for him right now.

Heather Toth - February 7, 2018

Continuing prayers for all of you, specifically for YHWH’s healing, comfort, peace and rest ♡

Sue W - February 7, 2018

Prayers for Tim, Katrina, Zachary and Caleb.
For Yehovah’s grace and guidance.

Jen Waldon - February 7, 2018

Praying for him and for you guys. God is good.

Helen Davies - February 7, 2018

Just learned about this today. Am in prayer now and will continue. Praying for your financial needs regarding this. Father has gone before you and is per-fecting ALL that concerns you.

A real handsome son and I declare his perfect healing in Jesus name. Agreement with God and others means IT IS SO, AMEN!!!

Much love to you and family. You’re like a famiy to us and we appreciate you SO much!!!

Helen Davies/DallasTx

diane - February 7, 2018

Prayers for continued strength, faith and peace. A refuah shlema b’karov. May Zachary be blessed with a complete and speedy recovery.

Sophie McDougal - February 7, 2018

Prayers for Zachary’s healing and comfort and peace for all.🙏

Johan Pretorius - February 8, 2018

Hello Tim and Katrina, my thoughts are with you and your family. Let’s hope that some kind of treatment will come out of this to help ease Zachary’s condition and that he will be able to carry on his life with less problems. Stay strong and everybody is praying for you.

Jeannette Hall - February 8, 2018

What a blessing to be in such a great hospital facility with attentive and knowledgeable staff. Being in Germany during all this is so superior than being in the US. Sad but true. We are continuing to pray for all of you during this time.

Joseph Seawell - February 9, 2018

“I shall walk before Yehovah, in the land of the living.”
Psalm 116:9

Believing in agreement with you for Zachary!

Sarah Hindmon - February 9, 2018

Praying for you my friends. Love you guys. Believing for a miracle!

Vicki Skinner - February 9, 2018

Thank God you’re in Germany for this crisis! I trust their skills & equipment more than any country’s!! I’ve added Zach & the family to a couple international Prayer Lists I’m on.

Vicki Skinner - February 9, 2018

Tim – regarding your comment of not wanting to appear as “begging” –
How about another way of looking at it?
With ALL you & Katrina have done for others – you’re giving people the opportunity to give BACK to YOU how they can – be it prayers, a financial donation or however they CAN help!

Those that see it as “begging” – I would bet that’s an issue THEY have around their own self worth & others. I find those types tend to be “takers” & not often “givers” themselves.

    Jenifer Hernaez - February 10, 2018

    I agree Vicki Skinner.
    I just found out about this today after watching some videos about NDE for a couple of days now. The email from one of the supporters who shared “The Operation Chop Chop” by Tom Sawyer has led me to read the testimonies of those who have experienced that bright light and tunnel like vision with indescribable speed. My mother told the same stories with us years ago. She had an one major operation done with her left leg, because of the elephanthiasis that she caught from a mosquito bite back in 1969. And she had surgery in 1980 at the Philippines General Hospital while she didn’t know she was pregnant with our youngest brother (Henry). My brother was born in 1981 and died of broncho pneumonia when he was about 2-year-old.

    It’s the little act of kindness that matters. I thank Mr. & Mrs. Tim McHyde for sharing with us their testimony of faith. May Zach continue to fully recover in His speed in His love.

Sam Miller - February 9, 2018

You guys are still teaching all of us with your strong faith in this difficult time. Thanks for showing what it means to have faith in a good God, who works all things out to the good of those who seek him diligently. Ad thanks for showing us what it means to be diligent. I wish I could be there to help with some of your daily needs, food, cleaning, etc…

Blessings and prayers!


Lovey - February 10, 2018

Pleading the BLOOD of the LAMB of God over Zach right NOW! May Jehovah Rapha heal him this very hour – may you see a remarkable change for the better for this young man. Standing with you for his healing.

much love & prayers

Weldon Burgess - February 10, 2018

May God richly bless you and your family Tim. We will be praying for your Son.

Karen Veit - February 10, 2018

Hi Tim and Katrina,

I just found out about Zach in the hospital. I will keep him and your whole family in my earnest prayers, yes, for a miracle of healing. It is true that Germans tend to be stern, but their efficiency and knowledge is great and is what you need right now.

Recently, my new grandson who was less than two weeks old was in the hospital with a virus (RSV) that was causing him to have trouble breathing, so I know about fighting the fears. Prayers were answered for the little one, who is now home from the hospital and does not seem to be having any after-effects from everything.

Zach is having more complications than my grandson did, but I know that this is an opportunity for me to increase my faith, which is what I have been praying lately. The way for faith to increase is for us to pray and see the Almighty answer our prayers. Thanks for keeping all of us updated as we continue to pray for Zach’s healing and the testimony that will come from all of this.

Love and prayers,


P.S. Thanks for saving the photos till the end. I did look at them, but that gave me a chance to take a deep breath and be prepared.

P Alex Dillon - February 10, 2018

Tim and Katrina you have both changed my life so much already. I am so grateful that you are willing to stand through this challenging moment in peace. God bless you both for it.

You are not in any way beggars and I pray the Lord touch the hearts of every single one that loves you to help bare the financial challenge you are facing.

You are not alone. I have a hug for each of you in my imagination. I am praying for God’s supernatural healing over Zachary, that his thrombocytes will rise back up and he will be healed completely.

Much love!

(Alex, aka Patrice – pick a name, already)

GLOSSIE TOWNER - February 10, 2018

God heal Zach of his pneumonia with a speedy recovery, and bless and comfort you and Katrina in Jesus name.

Juliej - February 10, 2018

I am very sorry you are going through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Julie J

Pris - February 10, 2018

Praying for your son and you guys.

Felicia - February 10, 2018

I have been sending up prayers non stop since I found out. You both are such shining examples of the kind of faith we all should have!

I am grateful that you have let us take this very personal journey with you. I look forward to the updates everyday. It is helping us all to increase our faith in Yehovah! I am standing with you that he will be better at the end of this battle!

You all are in our prayers. Sending love and hugs.

God Bless!

Jeannette Hall - February 10, 2018

How is Caleb doing through all of this? Is he away at school and concentrating on his studies?

    Tim McHyde - February 10, 2018

    Jeannette, yes, he’s away at school and must stay on task with school.

P Alex Dillon - February 10, 2018

I thank YHVH for your supernatural peace and comfort. I’m looking forward to see this miraculous healing and Zach’s improvement.

Good bless you all.

Ted Shrout - February 11, 2018

Hello Tim and Katrina,

In all of this you both are showing a good example of faith in our Father. He is giving you strength in this time of need. Praying for Zach and both of you. I’m grateful to be able help you pray through this with everyone else here.

Yehovah Bless You

SueW - February 11, 2018

Tim and Katrina, this significant trial comes hot on the heels of Katrina’s raw, honest and inspiring testimony about Zachary.
I doubt it.
You are a very special couple, chosen, I believe by Yehovah, to demonstrate radical faith to the rest of us ahead of what’s to come.
You have chosen to make your trials public.
That’s very brave and many people will benefit from observing your journey and responses to it.
Thank you for allowing us into your lives, setting an example and not being afraid to share your fears.
You are great teachers.
Many, many people are watching, praying, learning and hoping as a consequence.
Thank you and Yehovah bless you and your ministry.

Pierre - February 11, 2018

I don’t wanna say anything . I have nothing to say. That’s what I am saying. however I mean to say a lot by saying nothing. I’ll just end with my blessings to you all, what ever is in store for you guys.

Linda van der Vyver - February 11, 2018

Katrina, thanks for taking the time to do the podcast. I needed to also hear your testimony today, as your son’s sickness brought back the traumatic times I went through with my son and daughter (as you know, they both died). I remember those times and how it made me stronger spiritually. But I also had fear and doubt. To this day, I still feel guilty for having had those fears which absolutely wore me out! I knew that God needed me to be fearless and doubtless to work His wonders. So I knew then I was powerless because I could not separate the fears and doubts from being a mother, so closely attached to my child / children. After their deaths, I heard people saying how strong I was …. it is true what you said Katrina: to have a child / children like yours, it keeps us as parents so vulnerable of God’s strength and peace! I pray for you often, may God’s peace bless and keep you and Tim! I spirit I am with you. Love, Linda, NZ

P Alex Dillon - February 12, 2018

Thank you., Katrina for that message!

I’m so glad to hear Zachary’s thrombocytes are coming up.

I’m thanking God for his hand on you all shining in his glory during this time.

sally Batenhorst - February 12, 2018

Our prayers are with you I’m so sorry to hear this I just found out today I’ve been ill myself so I’m better you know God will lead the way

SueW - February 12, 2018

This really is a unique situation. So many people from around the world feeling with you all.
I don’t think I’ve ever posted three times on one topic.
I go from praying for you all to thinking “get those tubes out of him so he can start exercising his lungs now”, to feeling in awe of your faith and patience, to just a kind of silence and being present and growing with your trial.
This is a God send for sure.
Zachary, thank you for being here and being part of God’s pouring out of strengthening grace to us all.

hayley bond - February 12, 2018

Thank you so much for keeping us updated. It’s so good to hear that Zachary has been more active today. In listening to you Katrina, I have come to realise that this is an area I really need to work on. I worry about everything with my children (to the point of neuroticisim) and it’s exhausting but hearing your strength through God has given me hope. You and Tim are such a blessing to me and I thank God for you both. Oh yes and could you come and be my live in headache healer!? Just kidding of course 😄
I will continue to pray for Zachary x

P Alex Dillon - February 13, 2018

I’m thanking God for giving Zachary the strength to do all his own yucky coughing. 🙂

Jeannette Hall - February 13, 2018

Praising Yehovah for the good report from Katrina on Zachary’s progress. Also, a thank you for the wonderful spiritual lesson Katrina gave in regards to restraints. Blessings to your entire family.

Heather Toth - February 13, 2018

Thank You, Father!!! Praying for continued healing, and the bodily strength for Zach to keep fighting the virus and bacteria, and strength to cough the crud up and out! Praying for ever-elevating thrombocyte levels! Continued prayer for strength, peace, comfort and rest for all of you! You are loved! ♡

David Gotch - February 14, 2018

Dear Tim,

I want to let you know that I will be intently praying for your son Zach AND for you and your entire family. I have no children, but my late wife struggled with a horrible disease called Sarcoidosis, that started in the Spring of 2006, and ended with her death in the Fall of 2015. So, I know what it is to go through sitting in ER areas, and other waiting rooms for hour after hour, after hour.

All said, may the good Lord God, Almighty heal your son very quickly.

Most sincerely with warmest regards,
Dave G.

P Alex Dillon - February 14, 2018

I’m so glad to hear Zach is getting stronger! That’s beautiful you teaching me to appreciate restraints because I don’t always and now I can remember to thank God for the restraints he puts in my life.

Thank you and God bless you!

Ted Shrout - February 15, 2018

Praise Yahovah for the good report. His recovery and strength will happen faster with Father you and Tim there with him. Katrina thank you for taking the time to do the pod cast and keeping us up to date. I continue praying for Zach and you and Tim.
Tim and Katrina, you have no idea how much I have learned from you both.
Thank you for being obedient to the calling Yehovah has called you to. I believe He is using you both in a mighty way in these last days.

Love to you both

P Alex Dillon - February 16, 2018

I am thanking my heavenly father for Zach’s strength and more smiles.

Zach has been such a blessing to me watching him through your updates fight through this. I’m excited to hear he will be completely restored in this life. I must live in that alternate universe with you because I have no doubt if that’s what you believe then it must be true.

I’ve been following Tim too long to question what rings true from his teachings. Both of you have blessed me with such comfort and peace. Yes God is good.

Learning biblical prophecy and everything I’ve learned in connection to that, especially God’s own holy name(!) has been the greatest blessing of my life.

I love you all. I’m so grateful for each one of you. I hope we get to meet soon and I look forward to meeting you in the future.


Ted Shrout - February 16, 2018

Thank you Katrina for the 2/16 update. I believe with you that Zach will have a complete restoration in this life. NO if and’s or buts. God established it in the beginning and there is no room for doubt or unbelief or what ifs. The restoration is there and final. We in faith just need to reach up in faith and grab hold of it. If we have doubt and try to make excuses for God no matter how good our intentions are I think we are hindering Him. Our Father God Yehovah’s word is pure, final and shall not return to us void. I continue praying God’s love,healing and total restoration for Zach, and expect nothing less of our Father in Jesus Yeshua’s name. Amen and Amen. It is finished….
Blessings to Zach,you ,and Tim.

Thomas M Jayabhai - February 17, 2018

I just happened to read about Zachary. If I understood it correct, he is having pneumonia and is very severe. I am from India and if we have anyone with this disease, we make sure that the person’s chest and throat area is always covered in blanket to keep warm, which is very important for such patients. Here in the photos I could see his chest very much exposed. Also while taking bath, he should use the hottest water possible while showering, since pneumonia gains strength in colder atmosphere.

Also Zach should be fed with high protein diet, which would help him. Many of the doctors know these rules, but will not tell because they need patients with them the longest and the most complicated ways possible. Unfortunately, today we are living in a business world, where everyone needs business.

Desiree Ivy - February 17, 2018

Continued prayers for the entire family

Heather Toth - February 18, 2018

So glad to hear he continues to improve!

And hello, Zach! Your parents, brother, Yehovah, and many others, love you very much. We pray for you and your family every day. Big hugs!!

Katrina, thank you for the daily updates. I love how, despite the daily challenges and lack of sleep, you not only update everyone, but squeeze in valuable lessons for us as well! I see God’s strength through you. You’re a wonderful momma. ♡ And Tim, thank you for the articles you continue to write, despite Zach’s hospitalization.

I’d say, “I don’t know how you do it!” but I know what you’d say: “It’s God!” Thank you for being living examples and testimonies for living like Jesus taught us to.

Love you guys!

P Alex Dillon - February 18, 2018

Oh, Beautiful smile!

Thank you for sharing and allowing me to walk through this beautiful healing with you. Beautiful!

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