My Two Dreams Revealing What the Marked & the Saints Will Both Be Doing During the Tribulation (Scary)

To my surprise, God gave me two dreams of the Great Tribulation in fall, 2017, both with startling revelations. In this post I share these revelations including the horrific project that I saw the wicked people doing on an industrial scale under Satan in the Great Tribulation. Also the perhaps equally surprising similar focus in the camp of the saints in Jordan that we will be doing. Both revelations make perfect sense when you hear them, but, like me, you would never have guessed them both. Katrina also had a dream confirming the second one that I will touch on. Together they provide deep insight into the way of Satan vs. the way of God.

My Startling Dream After Hearing Trump's Announcement About the US Embassy Move in Jerusalem

This post relates to my previous free article on Trump's December 7th, 2017 announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and to begin the four year process of moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The first dream in this post came the night after I heard that news and immediately began work on that article. The reception of the dream in the midst of writing the article over two days was a clear confirmation to me from God of what I had concluded and begun writing. Namely, that the embassy move to Jerusalem is (finally) a real step towards the Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 war, and that the embassy move will provide something I had overlooked up to that point: extra provocation the Arabs need to overcome normal complacency about acting on their hatred for Israel in the most grave and costly way: a fourth confederate Arab attack on Israel in modern times.

Read the dreams for yourself and decide if they confirm for you as well that my conclusions above are inspired.

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Laura Bartholomew - September 16, 2020

Really interesting about the children because ever since I came to Jesus in 1989, I have comforted myself to sleep at night with the thought of protecting children in a secret place. For years it was always my own babies but since they are grown, it has transitioned to caring for mothers of newborns as they recover. These always take place in a place of refuge. Not dreams but the thoughts I have as I drift off to sleep.

Timothy Bell - June 19, 2020

During the time of the safe place in Judea/Jordan, we may be raising babies. Once we are raptured/resurrected and in our glorified bodies, then there is no sexual relations during the Millennium or would we still be making and raising families?

    Tim McHyde - June 20, 2020

    Timothy, once we are glorified, no, we do not make offspring any more, just like the angels. The physical people we rule still live life normally, but with many advantages over today like 1000-year life spans.

      Timothy Bell - June 21, 2020

      From another one of your articles, you mentioned that children who haven’t reached the accountability factor (age?) likely wouldn’t be raptured. For babies born in the safe place with righteous parents, do you think raptured/glorified parents still be raising their flesh and blood children during the Millennium?

        Tim McHyde - June 21, 2020

        Timothy, right, age of accountability is 20 in the Bible. Youths won’t be raptured I think. Glorified people can manifest as full flesh bodies and probably breastfeed even, so yes they can raise their babies after being glorified!

Reid Mackin - June 10, 2020

Tim, show me in Corinthians (or anywhere in the New Testament) where revelation shared with the church was potentially incorrect. For example, where does a Corinthian with the gift say, “I feel very strongly this message is from God, but I might not have heard God correctly, and thus my revelation might not be correct…but here it is any way.” This method does not in any way build up the brethren. In fact, it just brings confusion, false hopes, and an unnatural reliance on your dreams. (And if you heard God incorrectly and/or interpreted your dream incorrectly, how can you or your readers ever trust a future dream?)

Let’s get back to what was happening in Corinth: Revelation from God always had purpose, and the receiver never had “an out,” especially since it was for the entire church. The person with the gift had an important message to share, and it came to pass – period. You have said, “I could be wrong, and I hope I’m wrong about this revelation.” When did a Corinthian ever tag this to his miraculous revelation? How is being wrong and hoping you are wrong going to strengthen the brethren? Things that strengthened the brethren were concrete truths from God – not mere possibilities. Tim, I feel very strongly that you are not exemplifying the ways of the early church as you claim. Revelation from God was not a “maybe” – it was always correct, and it came to pass regardless of the receiver’s convictions. In short, a Corinthian believer is not recorded sharing a “possible revelation from God.”

I do not deny you your feelings and strong convictions; there is nothing wrong with saying you are quite convinced about the timing of the end. Even saying “I think God is really showing me something” is not inherently wrong or unbiblical. However, when you claim to be doing what the Corinthians we’re doing, you are in error, for they never hedged or qualified their revelation as you do. When God gave those believers revelation to share with the entire church, you could take it to the bank, and it came to pass. Despite your claim that you are “simply doing as the Corinthian’s did,” there is no such corollary.

    Tim McHyde - June 10, 2020

    Reid, if your assumption about Corinthians is correct, what reason was there for the instruction of “let the others judge?” I think you really have never been in such an environment with still developing prophets as I have and I’m sorry to inform you there is a lot more between the lines that goes on that is not written there. As for “confusion,” ha, ever read the prophets of the Bible? False hopes are commonly used by God to test our hearts. I just went through two months of that around a prophet. I believe you’re speaking only from theory while I’m speaking from real experience here now. Things are not so ideal and perfect as you imagine in practice and this too has a very good reason and purpose God uses. Once a prophet is developed and trained, then I’d say yes your ideal becomes much more the reality.

      Reid Mackin - June 11, 2020


      I thank you ahead of time for posting this and allowing me to interact with you in this manner.

      I’d like to make the case that there are no “prophets” or those “receiving revelation from God for the church” these days – as much as we’d all love to know specifics of the future beyond what’s plainly stated in scripture. You have said that you are not claiming to be a prophet, but you do claim that you (and others) can still receive revelation knowledge like the believers in Corinth. With that in mind, please consider the following:

      Paul was clear, telling the Corinthians that tongues, prophecies and special revelation knowledge would cease “once that which is perfect shall come.” The Greek word “Perfect” is in the neuter gender, therefore it does not refer to Christ and his return. Instead, it can only refer to the completed New Testament – which, of course, arrived perfect and error free in the original languages (which is what we who trust the Bible affirm). Paul wrote his letters to the Corinthians around 55/56 AD, and the entirety of scripture would not be complete until 40 years later, so of course God allowed for prophecies and revelation to continue. With the completed canon, however, we had everything to make us spiritually complete…and we had all God wanted us to know about the time of the end and second coming.

      Today, many Christians are sorely let down after clinging to the words of modern day prophets and revelators and their “words, dreams and visions from God.” In fact, this is likely why you were recently let down by another who claimed this ability. There are people certainly claiming such abilities today, but there are non who are Christ-appointed. Paul’s instruction substantiates this fact. The only prophets to come are the two witnesses of Revelation who will preach and prophesy in the streets of Jerusalem.

      Tim, you made some valid points in your response, however, I contend that what the Corinthians were doing is not to be practiced today, so the comparisons are moot. What was happening in regard to prophecy and revelation knowledge was part of the infant church during a time when the word of God had yet to be completed and fully circulated. Objective church history demonstrates that the miraculous gifts such as tongues, prophecy, and revelation knowledge waned and finally concluded around 100 AD. And this makes perfect sense as the last book of the Bible was completed around 95/96 AD.

      Since that time, certain “outbreaks” of supposed miraculous gifts (such as those at Azusa Street) were carnal, fleshy, highly emotional and had no basis in scripture. Here, men were trying to personally resurrect gifts that God declared would cease, which is why they were easily unmasked as both fake and illegitimate.

      At this point you (or one of your readers) might be thinking: “If tongues, prophecies and revelation knowledge were to cease with the completion of scripture, then why do we read of two genuine prophets appearing before Christ’s return?” Great question. The Greek grammar is instructive here. When Paul tells the Corinthians that “prophecies shall cease” it is in the middle voice, which indicates the gift will be fully suspended. When Paul tells them “tongues shall cease” it is in the passive voice, which indicates an eventual permanence. And this is just what we see in church history. So, the authentic gift of prophecy is not in operation now but will be again with the two witnesses. The suspension will be lifted during the appearance of these true prophets of God. In the meantime, there is no one who legitimately holds this title or office.

      Speaking of tongues, notice that all we hear today is ecstatic babbling and rambling utterances rather than genuine displays of foreign languages. As well, we have self-proclaimed prophets constantly leading us astray. The Holy Spirit had Paul specifically write about the “ceasing” so believers would not be fooled by people who later claimed such gifts! (God covered all the bases.)

      People who believe that Corinthian-like revelation for the church is still active and needed are being swept away in a grave error known as “progressive revelation.” Here, it’s assumed that God continues to instruct the entire church body, adding ever more to the information of scripture. It’s important to note again that the Corinthians did not have the completed word of God – in fact, several key books had yet to be written – so their knowledge was incomplete and revelation was indeed necessary. We now have the entire word of God and are “complete” as 1 Peter says. (By the way, yes, I believe God leads, guides and communities with us personally; after all, we are in a loving relationship with him, but his instructions for the church as a whole – given as revelation – has ceased. In this regard, we have the Bible as our guide and don’t need to rely on such people.

      Recall that it was hard-hearted, unbelieving Israel that always required a sign. Everything God wants us to know about Christ’s Second Coming – to include all the signs and birth pangs – are right there in the Bible…we don’t need more addendum-like revelation.

      As an interesting aside, notice that Paul’s gift of healing also waned. He could at one time heal the sick and even raise the dead, yet he came to a point when he could not heal Timothy’s stomach problems nor could he heal the grave infirmities of his companions in chains.

      Yes, I believe God heals and still does the incredibly miraculous today, but the personally-displayed sign, healing, and revelatory gifts were limited to the early church. If one protests and says “Hey pal, there are Christians today with the legitimate gift of healing,” then why are they not going down the halls of every nursing home and burn unit and telling people to “Arise and walk.”? And to the person who says, “Hey
      pal, there are true prophets of God and revelators today,” why do they continue to be wrong, mislead and let us down? Here, such “gifted” people are exposed and never serve to strengthen the brethren.

      There are many Christians nowadays calling themselves prophets, apostles, healers, tongues-speakers, gifted revelators, etc., but they are in the flesh and the word of the Lord judges them. (Tim, the so-called prophet who recently let you down is in this camp and is similarly judged by his fruit.) God does not want our hopes falsely up or let down, and he certainly doesn’t want us misinformed; after all, he is never the author of confusion. This is but one reason why God had Paul tell the Corinthian church that such things would cease to operate among them. Thus, the church would not need to rely on this method upon it’s maturity.

      Tim, you will continue to be let down, and you will also let others down if you continue operating like this. I’m sorry, but according to scripture you are not receiving revelation from God “for the church” and the instructions of Paul prove this.

      Finally, you say you are not making a prediction or date-setting. Actually you are, but in couched, hedged, and very qualified language. No matter, when 2026 comes and goes, we will do as you said and “judge,” and the judgment will be that you did not hear from God, and we will naturally judge future dreams to be immediately suspect. (We must logically assume if a Corinthian believer came forth with revelation from God and was “judged to be wrong” enough times, the brethren would surly come to dismiss him in the future.)

      Thank you for your time, and thank you again for posting this critical response.

        Silke - July 28, 2020

        Although you addressed Tim, not me, I’d like to reply to your above comment.
        You were saying that prophets ceased to exist at the end of the 1st century. Your reasoning is not entirely wrong, but you seem to have either overlooked or ignored Acts 2:17 (= Joel 2:28) and Acts 2:18!
        Instead, you cited Paul’s instructions regarding visions, dreams, speaking in tongues, and prophesying, which were Indeed valid for more than 1,900 years — but NOT for the end times.
        We ARE in the last days mentioned in these three verses I pointed to above. So the Holy Scriptures make it crystal clear that prophecy was even expected for our present day!
        This is why I believe and know(!) that Tim has really encountered a true prophet of God, and that even more prophets will appear before Christ’s second coming.
        Anyway, despite me knowing Tim to be a very sincere, God-loving Berean, who does his utmost to strengthen the brethren, I didn’t simply take his word for it, of course. He even encourages us all the time to look for confirmation on any new teaching or information he gives us, which is why I prayed about that prophet and also did my own research. So now there are even more reasons why I KNOW that this prophet Tim has been talking about is currently prophesying in the name of Yehovah and Yeshua.
        However, since that appointed prophet wants to remain hidden until God gives them permission to reveal their identity and purpose, neither Tim nor I are allowed to share our knowledge with the public just yet.
        Please, note that I’m a very critical person when it comes to things related to eschatology or prophecy stuff so I always adhere to 1 Thessalonians 5:21 —> “Test all things; hold fast that which is good.”
        That prophet you doubt has passed all the tests!
        Jesus explicitly said that we “will recognize them by their fruit” (Matthew 7:15-16). So I’m glad to know for sure that that prophet’s fruits are so flawless and convincing that there’s no way I could reject them.
        Of course, you’ll say that I’m just a random stranger on the internet, who is probably as deluded as Tim. Still I assure you that we haven’t been duped. God never dupes his sheep. I guess you’ll finally recognize and acknowledge your error once that prophet “goes public”, because I’m quite sure that they will also publicly announce who the prophet that is going to come in the spirit of Elijah is.
        Remember John the Baptist? He was a prophet approved by God, and it was John who announced the coming of an even greater prophet. The same thing could indeed happen again — only God knows and he will let all of us know when the time is right.
        All I can say and sincerely confirm at this point is that Tim is definitely not being let down by an impostor. That’s completely absurd, because the prophet in question loves God with all their heart, mind and soul, which they visibly show through their loving attitude. Moreover, Tim, I and some others — all of us — have individually received confirmation of that person from our Heavenly Father himself.
        Two Scripture verses — Proverbs 3:5 and 3:7 — suggest that we all be more open-minded and not rely on our own wisdom too much. I hope you’ll take heed.
        Finally, I’d like to gently warn you and other doubters: of course, you’ll always be entitled to your own opinions. However, as can be seen in the Bible, Yehovah doesn’t take it lightly when people denounce (or even ridicule) his chosen prophets. So we should always be very careful to not overstep our boundaries by voicing things that could really hurt us badly in the end.

        Mala - February 7, 2022

        Reid Mackin – (June 11, 2020), Regarding your reply to Tim.
        Reid: your Excellent knowledge & perfect answer, is in the Lord’s wisdom. Take heed, everyone, to the truth that Reid wrote. Thank you.

Curtis Greek - April 11, 2020

Hi Tim,

I have been reading your book over again for about the 4th time. I have a question I would like more clarity on. In your timeline after the 1,000 years, you talk about the 2nd resurrection and the billions who lived and died without adopting God’s way are resurrected and given the full knowledge of it and a chance to try it out for a 2nd lifetime, this time without Satan’s deception, negative peer pressure or persecution. I have never heard this before or maybe it didn’t sink in before? If everyone will be given this second chance, who would not take full advantage of it and become followers, knowing the end of those who don’t accept God’s way? I was always taught and believed that we only have one chance to accept Christ and believe and be saved while we are alive. Not that I intend to live like the devil knowing I would have another chance. I believe I will be alive to experience and enjoy the 1,000 years and maybe have a few babies with my new wife. We have joked about it and I just told her the other day that we would have had beautiful children together.

    Tim McHyde - April 11, 2020

    Curtis, thanks for rereading. Your question is a good one that I could not fathom or understand when I was younger. After enough experiences interacting in communities with people, I came to the answer. Some personality types are highly suspicious or paranoid and unable to attain the trusting faith in God’s goodness that is required for harmony with God in eternity (and therefore salvation). For more on this read my article on Satan.

      Curtis Greek - April 13, 2020

      Hi Tim,

      I am still puzzled after reading the article? I even went back and reread the last few chapters of Revelation. I see that when the millennial reign of Christ is happening, only those of us who were alive at Christ’s return and the beheaded Christians from the tribulation will experience this 1,000 without Satan’ influence. The rest of the dead aren’t resurrected until the great White Throne judgement. I can understand that all of the people who are born during this 1,000 year reign of Christ, might have a chance of being deceived and choosing the wrong path, but I can’t see anywhere that says that those that have already died getting a second chance as they aren’t in the picture again until the judgement day…..this also makes me wonder about what happened to the dead in Christ who rise first at the return of Jesus? Don’t they get to enjoy the 1,000 year millennial reign of Christ? Are they put back to sleep after Christ returns? I can find no answer to either of these questions in the scriptures? Maybe you can point me in the right direction?

        Tim McHyde - April 14, 2020

        Curtis, many people have trouble seeing the 2nd resurrection for all the unsaved in history with confidence because it’s only in Rev 20:5 and Ezekiel 37:1-14. It requires deduction based on God’s love and fairness be certain that if ANYONE did not receive salvation in the first 6000 years, then they MUST have a second chance (or God is not just or really, fulfilling his purpose for this life). I may help you to realize that far less than 1% of people in history have been saved which is why Jesus compared it to a mustard seed or the yeast in dough. The point of this life is mostly learning and proving what does not work not saving everyone now.

        The pattern in Scripture is that, except for Christ, all who die must wait unconscious (Rev 6:11) until the next mass/group resurrection (1st, 2nd, or 3rd).

          Curtis Greek - April 14, 2020

          Ok, well that would be great if that is true, but I still don’t see it? I must assume that the dead in Christ that arise first when Jesus returns, will also still be alive to enjoy the 1,000 year reign.
          I do have another question now after reading thru Revelation again….Is Revelation written in chronological order? If so, then I am really puzzled as to how you list all the end time events in the order you have them? Wormwood hits before Babylon (USA) is destroyed, which actually makes sense to me as then the USA will be of no use to anyone anyhow. I don’t see the woman being called out to the wilderness either until after Wormwood? This is very concerning!

          Tim McHyde - April 14, 2020

          Curtis, yes and no. Revelation’s main narrative is chronological but contains several parenthetical chapters as I covered earlier. If you do not understand that key, you’ll definitely be confused while comparing Revelation to my timeline.

          Yes the dead in Christ and raptured are all glorified/born again/from above and live forever not just the 1000 years.

Judy Jones - January 7, 2020

Thank you for all you do. I am a woman past my time for a family. I was too selfish. I want to go on record that I never had an abortion. I do feel like I missed out. I want to be ready for anything. I thought I saw you mentioned pets at some point but I cant find the content and was afraid to ask. it would be a big challenge for me to abandon my dog. also I think of preparedness such as tents. even vehicles. would there be a need or should I just expect Gods provision which we are all dependent on anyway. I just want to think I can be of use by being prepared.

Margaret Marty - January 4, 2020

Tim, I am always interested in what you and Katrina have to say because I too believe that some dreams are profound and is from God. I also believe in the Holy Spirit just uttering words to one’s spirit itself. In keeping with this, last year October 2019, I was just waking up from my sleep (this is when I usually hear God speaking to me) when a voice said “Six hundred will take you to the Promise Land.” For about 2 to 3 weeks I grappled with all the scenarios that this could mean, then one day I said to my sons and husband that I was going to pray and ask God (Elohim) what this meant. Almost immediately it became clear to me that it meant 600 days, which would take me to Spring/Summer of 2021. It has been my dream for many years that my family and I would be able to go to The Promise Land as I now call it since my revelation from The Holy Spirit of God. Also 2021 was the time i was planning to go , so this is so exciting and now that it is the year 2020, I am that much closer to fulfilling my dream. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for His people when we are called to Israel (The Promise Land)Thanks be to our Heavenly Father who can make this possible.

Blaze - October 15, 2019

Do you believe part of “The Woman” group is staying around Jerusalem in “those days”?

    Tim McHyde - October 15, 2019

    Blaze, “those days” refers to when the Abomination of Desolation finally has happened (at 1290 days) as predicted and people panic who did not listen because the Tribulation is coming over the next 30 days (at the 1260 days). The Woman will listen to the prophets and flee before they see it, I think 45 days before at the 1335 days.

      Blaze - October 15, 2019

      Are these people escaping? Would a young man and woman escape, but not a pregnant or nursing mother due to the lack of speed?

      Is it clear the GT will start on a Sabbath winter day?

        Tim McHyde - October 16, 2019

        Blaze, Jesus implies there is hope for those who wait until the Abomination of Desolation as long as they do not delay “even to go in the house and get your coat” or otherwise are slowed by pregnancy and nursing infants. Yes, it’s a pretty safe deduction that the Abomination happens on a sabbath in the winter.

zyko - July 4, 2018

It won’t phase people maybe? I mean nothing can top the abortion crisis we currently live in now. Twitter makes abortion out to be like running to the store to grab some milk and coffee. Children in the womb mean nothing to them, they are committing genocide on down syndrome people. They think they are doing good for those children. All these pagan priests of ancient times has nothing on planned parenthood. Doesn’t shock me.

Johan Pretorius - May 13, 2018

Hello Tim, I love your reply.

Just from my side that since I started joining the supporter group in July last year, and also with some help from some supporter/s when I was unable to contribute, I think about twice, bless them, the money I contributed could never be enough or sufficient for the knowledge that I have received from Yehovah our Father and Yeshua through you Tim and Katrina. It has changed my life completely like it did Sam Miller and Mike Krulmi, if I may use them as examples as well. It is for me a great honour to be contributing towards your work and support of your family and if I can increase the contribution in future I will.

Please keep up your good work and I notice it is picking up some pace lately as we get closer to the predicted 2022?????

Bless you and your family and hopefully we will meet someday.

Suzann - May 12, 2018

I think it was terrible that to led people to a certain point, than played the money card. Jesus spread his word to everyone free of charge and the ones who could give money or fed Him did so by their ability and free will. It’s times like that I doubt true motivation. We all have bills and families to feed….

    Tim McHyde - May 12, 2018

    Suzann, Sorry you feel that way about how God has directed me to run my ministry and support my family.

    My response is I also think it’s terrible for brethren to judge their Bible teachers as money-lovers or unworthy of receiving pay for their labor just because “Jesus and Paul did not charge,” while ignoring what Jesus and Paul both instructed on this topic (regardless of what they did in their life for their purposes). Both said leaders were “worthy of their wages” and to receive money (1Co 9). Paul told his congregations to give to their teachers (Gal 6:6).

    I bet you do not realize that this same accusation you launched at me works both ways. For example,

    “Dear reader of my list for 8 years: I doubt your true motivation and dedication to God’s truth if you keep reading my writing for free and don’t ever send a donation in all this time. Jesus said the teacher is worthy of his hire and where your treasure is your heart will be also and Paul said to share in all things with your teacher (Gal 6:6), so I find your lack of appropriate support to my work terrible, as if you feel entitled to read all my work freely and give nothing back forever. It’s times like this I doubt Christianity…”

    No, I’m withholding any judgment on you like that; I don’t know your heart or motives. I’m only pointing out the obvious irony and chutzpah in your accusation given your status as a long-time email subscriber who has donated $0 to this ministry. Your own actions could cause people to doubt your true motivation, too.

    All I can tell you is because I know what Jesus and Paul taught on this subject throughout the NT, my conscience is 100% clear about writing tons of free content for all and 1) charging for some of it and 2) that God specifically directed me to shift to this subscription content model to fund the writing of my next book that will be free.

    The question you may want to ask yourself now is, do you have also a 100% clear conscience about 1) accusing a Bible teacher about how he runs his ministry to support his family and 2) about never sending a donation to a teacher whose site you found over eight years ago now?

    I leave that to you and wish you well, no hard feelings here. (I get emails like this several times per month for many years now. Being misunderstood and accused is an unavoidable aspect of ministering to Christians, lol.)

    Love and blessings,


Wesley Whatley - March 19, 2018

I humbly and with all sincerity urge you both to share any dreams like this. If nothing else, it is an interesting read. It makes sense the AoD would be growing people to replenish an army to fight Yeshua with. And it fits with the nature of satan.

Nanette - March 15, 2018

Tim, I see what you’re saying about the Samuel passage and I had forgotten about the Umim and Thummim. I can see where David’s questions were answered with yes/no; and so I agree, you’re right that it wasn’t an official prophecy really, but just an answer to a question about possibilities; the answer was not an absolute yes/no this or that will happen (as with “Magic 8 Ball” type questioning that people do when they ask a diviner for a sure answer.)

My doubt doesn’t have to do with my certainty that God allows severe evil, severe suffering, severe inexplicable injustice…I know very well, from personal experience, that He not only allows it, but He intends it. My doubt arose simply because when I hear Christians giving prophetic dreams — prophecies, this, that and the other — it all seems pointless to me. I’m adverse to hearing people relating their personal prophetic dreams, especially if there’s no clear purpose for us to know the information in the dream. It’s not actionable information, so why tell us? Ok, I know Jesus says that He calls us His friends and so for that reason He lets us in on what He’s doing. But, if that’s so, why aren’t there a whole lot more dreams given to us? Why doesn’t He tell us what’s going on and what to expect and what He is doing, much more than He does? I have had God communicate with me directly through two dreams. They strengthened me in a time of despair. My father heard God’s voice saying his name — he heard the voice with his ears; it strengthened him in a time of worry. My husband heard God speak to him via a voice in his head which gave him a promise of healing – this strengthened him with hope. Part of your dream is a scene of shock and horror, and I’m exhausted from shock and horror. Ok, so that’s why I doubt. Because I don’t want to know any more horrifying information when there seems to be no point. But if there’s a reason, if there’s a benefit in knowing this specific information about what the future holds, then, sure, I wanna know.

    Tim McHyde - March 16, 2018

    Nanette, I understand. I think the same thing you said about many negative dreams like mine could be said about some of the Book of Revelation that does not apply to the saints (like the seven bowls of wrath, the mark of the beast or the lake of fire). Why is it there? What point? Well had it not been for all of Revelation and my dream that fits in with it well, I would not understand as deeply the plan of God and why God’s plan is necessary and the only one. This article may help on that front: Satan in Prophecy.

Nanette - March 15, 2018

Brother, I think that your dreams might not come to pass. They may tell you what “satan’s will” is, but they don’t necessarily tell you what God’s will is. Look at 1 Samuel 23: 9-13. David inquired of the Lord what would happen, and he got a clear response:
“David found out that Saul was planning evil against him. So he said to Abiathar the priest, “Bring the ephod near.” And David said, “O Lord, God of Israel, Your servant has certainly heard that Saul seeks to come to Keilah, to destroy the city on account of me. Will the leaders of Keilah deliver me into his hand? Will Saul come down, as Your servant has heard? O Lord, God of Israel, please tell Your servant.”

And the Lord said, “He will come down.”

Then said David, “Will the men of Keilah deliver me and my men into the hand of Saul?”

And the Lord said, “They will deliver you.””

Ok, that’s pretty straightforward. But did this prophesy come to pass? No, not exactly. The men of Keilah didn’t didn’t deliver David into Saul’s hand. The were willing to deliver David, but they didn’t get that chance. Instead, David took action based on that prophesy and events played out a different way:

“So David and his men, which were about six hundred, arose and left Keilah. And they went wherever they could go. Now it was told Saul that David had escaped from Keilah. So he halted the expedition.”

So, do you think it’s possible that a dream such as the one you had can show us what might happen, what evil forces intend to happen, and what will happen if nothing changes?

I think so.

    Tim McHyde - March 15, 2018

    Nannette, Thanks for being on the support team and reading my dreams and commenting with such a great question. I enjoyed it.

    My answer is that I don’t see any prophecy in 1Sam 9. I see only an answer to David’s question about the trustworthiness of David’ host city. David was worried about the safety of staying in the city of Keilah. So he inquired of God about it. God knew the hearts of the leaders of the city and confirmed David’s fears that if he stayed there they would betray him. So David left the city before Saul came. That’s what we understand of the event from the context, yes?

    It’s important to understand that David did not inquire of a prophet, but the urim and thummim (U&T) in the ephod of the priest. They were used to ask God questions. We don’t know exactly how they worked, but they had 12 different gem stones on it that are believed to have lit up. In Scripture we see it answering in the affirmative, negative or not at all to the questions posed. It did not speak at all, let alone make prophecies. It answered simple yes/no questions.

    So David’s question is best understood as “[IF I stay here] will the city hand me over to Saul?”. The urim and thummim indicated yes which is recorded in the text as “They will” = an affirmative response to the question posed. The U&T did not spell out those words or speak anything. Just indicated yes.

    Hopefully you can see now that there is no indication that a prophecy is stated or intended in the U&T answer to David.

    As for my dreams, like all dreams, they were nothing like a simple yes or no answer to a question I asked! I did not even hear in English “Satan would do X.” My dreams revealed what Satan will be doing with all those people he marks and keeps alive. It explains why he goes to all that trouble. There is no doubt he will not have his way, that’s the whole point of the Great Tribulation and why there will be finally a False Prophet allowed to bring fire down from heaven and deceive the whole world.

    The other problem with your theory is that Satan’s already doing the same thing I was shown, just on a limited scale today. Much like how what God will direct us in the camp of the Saints during the GT to be focusing on is also happening today on a more limited scale. In both camps the activity will be expanded greatly from today’s activity.

    Now my question for you is, after my answer above, do you still doubt my dreams are showing me a sure prophecy of the Great Tribulation and do you think they still may not happen? If not why not?

    I think that you knowing that 1Samuel passage well was not why you doubted. That passage gave you a precedent to justify in your mind a doubt you already had for a deeper reason, or resolve a cognitive dissonance. If I had to guess, like many, you doubt God would ever allow such evil. If so, have you ever researched satanic ritual abuse (SRA)?


Helen Davies - February 24, 2018

God has truly honored you and Katrina in giving you these dreams. Only God could know such things. Now we are all blessed to share this understanding.

Asha - February 4, 2018

A bit disheartened that I cannot read the article (no cc or paypal) but understanding why it must be so.

Zachary Miller - January 5, 2018

So Tim, do you feel that has made it clear (in your mind) that you’re no longer in the running for a “144,000” position?

Also, and I don’t recall seeing this mentioned in your book, is the role of being in the “144,000” specific only to men or does it include women as well (who will be selected for this role)?

Thanks as always!

    Tim McHyde - January 5, 2018

    Zachary, I’ve known I was too old to be among the roaming 144,000 ever since I wrote my book. Their predecessors, the 12 and 72 that Jesus sent out, were fit, young men. Revelation does not indicate whether women make up the 144,000. In our modern, progressive times, I can imagine God using some exceptional women, too, as he used female prophets. Time will tell.

Bonnie Freeland - January 4, 2018

I’ve not written before but have followed your writings and have had your book for some time now. I just never could see the “rapture” as I’ve always heard it taught, couldn’t see where the Word agreed with it and so have been very interested in what you teach and can see it for the most part. I do think that I need to go back and read your book again after reading your later articles.

I certainly don’t know how many of us will get to Israel to the place of safety, but the woman was given wings to fly and we know that there is nothing impossible for our God and to those that believe.

I pray the Ephesians prayer that the eyes of our understanding be opened and also that we have a heart to receive what we are being shown. So many I love are truly stuck in the rapture theory!

Thank you and Katrina for staying true and relating to us what the Holy Spirit is showing you!

Linda van der Vyver - December 29, 2017

Tim and Katrina,

I have just read your dreams (again) and I am amazed at the insight you have concerning the meaning of the dreams, Tim. It makes perfect sense now; I also have wondered about the two “camps” during the GT but I thought I should just stop probing into my own questions as I am always curious and looking for more detail, even in given answers!

This is so incredible! I am sure you will be having more dreams from now on, as the time comes closer to the last 7 years.

Praise God for you and Katrina! I am forever grateful I found you 9 years ago.

Love, Linda

Sarah Hindmon - December 23, 2017

Wow… so many thoughts. Katrina’s dream about having another baby in the place of safety made me happy. My sister is a true disciple (rather than a “Christian”) and has had a strong conviction that God told/promised her that she was going to be the mom of a daughter. She and her husband have one natural son, and two adopted sons. She fostered twin girls from birth to 3yo, when their birth parents popped back in right before their parental rights were terminated and the girls (Hope and Faith were their names) were ripped from her….She was so bereft and inconsolable for a season, very hard. After that, she and her husband tried to conceive or adopt again but recently she shared they had given up on having a girl. I was pretty upset with the Lord for not coming through for her…i even wondered if I was going to meet an untimely demise resulting in her getting custody of MY daughter!! Just because she was so convinced of the promise she believed God had made her. So anyway, maybe that is when she will have her daughter, and God didn’t break a promise after all. 🙂

Robert Larsen - December 18, 2017

Tim and Katrina – Your article really backs up what is going on in secret concerning the practice of pedophilia and child sacrifice and mind control. Cathy O’Brien does a great job of exposing these evils in her books. Fortunately we have no reason to fear and every reason to stand up against these evils.

Teri Crandall - December 16, 2017

Lots of scary stuff, i hope and pray my family will come to the place of safety. …

James Manson - December 14, 2017

I had the same thought as Andreas shared Tim … if he stops daily sacrifices that will one day return, what better way to idolize himself while claiming to be God with his own sacrificial offerings to himself from those he actually despises? That would be a true dillusion for people to actually offer up.

Rick Horn - December 12, 2017

Wow, after reading the free article and some of the comments, I immediately recalled certain O.T. Scriptures and shared those thoughts with my wife, just today had time to read this article on the dreams.

As you stated Tim, I never would have thought, but yes it makes sense that these dreams have revealed a potentially very real parallel reality of the “two camps” during those three and a half years of the Great Tribulation!

Prayers that Yehovah and Yeshua thru the Holy Spirit continue to Bless you and your family! Amen

Sue W - December 12, 2017

Maybe Satan will be trying to create many nephilim to eventually replace humans.
Mt 24:22
The elect will already be somewhere else won’t they?
Surely not under the Antichrist’s reign.

    Tim McHyde - December 12, 2017

    Sue, yes, the elect/the Woman will escape to Jordan before the Antichrist rises. But Satan will already have enough Nephilim from the abyss to take over and coerce the mark on all the rest outside Jordan so I’m not sure about him wanting more nephilim as well as the thing my dream revealed he wants.

Blaze - December 10, 2017

So satan wants to keep people alive then?

    Tim McHyde - December 10, 2017

    Blaze, yes, it was curious to me that Satan tortured people with non-lethal pain by the locusts rather than kill them all. I figured he just wanted the worship like God. My dream finally answered what he wants to do with all those slaves…

      Blaze - December 12, 2017

      This is comforting (place of safety) but I am looking forward to your “workbook”.

Andreas - December 10, 2017

My God, thank you for sharing this.

You where selected to work in this facility in the dream, but not told what the work was about. You took the risk of getting in trouble by opening that box and finding out the truth yourself.

Which means the authorities will not be telling people what’s going on there.

Wonder if the Antichrist will be asking for those sacrafices when he will sit as God in the temple in Jerusalem?

Sue W - December 9, 2017

Thank you for sharing, Tim and Katrina.
Startling stuff.

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