Trump’s Role in the Damascus Prophecy

A new pattern began in 2017 when President Trump announced the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. His "Abraham Accords" continue that pattern. Is there a specific end time prophecy that this is setting up finally? Also, learn the tie-in of a dream on the Great Tribulation that God gave me the night after Trump's 2017 announcement, which provides confirmation for me of how significant Trump's act was in starting a cycle that leads to the confederacy of Psalm 83 and destruction of Damascus.

Trump’s Meddling Mideast Maneuvers

Life during the Trump presidency has been anything but boring. If the end of America is pending in 2026 as I believe, then it’s fitting how chaotic things have been during the tenure of this potentially penultimate leader of Mystery Babylon the Great.

Yet, love him or hate him, four years in one thing is clear: Trump has managed in a single term to accomplish change in the Mideast that evangelicals and Israelis could only have dreamed of. Not only did he recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but he moved the US embassy there, recognized the settlements, and also the annexation of the Golan Heights. The go-ahead for Israel to annex East Jerusalem is also pending.

Now as of September 2020, we have the “Abraham Accords” peace initiative. This adds the Gulf States of U.A.E and Bahrain to the only other two countries in the area to recognize the State of Israel (Egypt and Jordan). Trump says several more are lined up and ready to join the agreement with Israel, as well. As a result, readers have written to ask what it means. Is this the “covenant with the many”/”peace treaty” of prophecy? Does it change my expectations for a Mideast nuclear war that brings the end of Damascus by Spring 2022?

I’m writing this update to the article below to address these latest questions.

The Covenant With The Many (Daniel 9:27)?

As you just read, many nations are in line for the peace treaty with Israel. This easily brings to mind Daniel’s prophecy:

Daniel 9:27 (HCSB) — He will make a firm covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and offering. And the abomination of desolation will be on a wing of the temple, until the decreed destruction is poured out on the desolator.”

Prognosticators like Paul Begley on YouTube are pronouncing that this is the peace treaty of Daniel. However, there are several difficulties with this:

  1. The “He” making the treaty is “the prince of the people who shall come” (Dan 9:26) or the Antichrist. Trump may be widely vilified and even thought to be the Antichrist by some, but an American can never fit the Antichrist because America was never part of the Roman Empire.
  2. “The many” is often interpreted to be Israel. If that’s the case, then the treaty is between Antichrist and Israel. That does not fit the Arab nations today (or the future.).
  3. “Peace?” The passage says nothing about a peace treaty. The context describes violent acts like the taking over of Jerusalem (Dan 9:26=Lk 21:20) and the stopping of Jewish sacrifices (Dan 9:26). If you look to the other Antichrist treaty prophecy that I think is parallel in Revelation 17, you see that it is about taking out America and taking over the world with Jerusalem as the Antichrist’s new headquarters (Dan 11:45)

The Abraham Accords do not fit Daniel’s prophecy; no “peace” treaty can fit a war pact.

Significance, Please?

Then what is the significance of the "Abraham Accords"? Great question.

You know, I prayed and asked God about this repeatedly over the past weeks before writing this article. Unlike the case of the US Embassy move (where the Holy Spirit convicted me of its significance and then inspiration about that also came) this time nothing came. At first, I was not going to write anything new. Then I realized that not getting confirmation of an event’s importance is almost as helpful to my readers to report.

The only thing I can pass on is that some analyses that I have read state that this treaty isolates the Iranians and Palestinians more by them losing greater Arab support. Since the Iranians are the ones I expect to drive the Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 war against Israel that results in the removal of Damascus from being a city, this treaty keeps things moving in the direction Trump started by recognizing Jerusalem in 2017.

Is it enough? Does he need a second term? Will Israel and COVID do the rest? I don’t know yet. “God has hidden it from me” (2 Kings 4:27).

Does the Peace Plan Change My Expectations?

The Abraham Accords come after Trump's Middle East Peace Plan. That plan heavily favored Israel by promising them an undivided Jerusalem and allowed for them to annex the West Bank (like they did the Golan Heights), among other things on their wish list. Some Bible believers say this plan is an "affront to God." This comes up every time a "land for peace" plan is pitched, which many believers consider against the "land deed of the Bible" that Israel has to Palestine. I already wrote about the problem with that thinking and the related one that "God curses those who curse Israel" for those who have that concern about Trump's plan.

So once again the Arab world is not pleased but muted in their response (several, like Egypt and Jordan, receive financial incentives from the US that they don't want to lose). The Palestinians furiously rejected it with rioting, saying "Jerusalem is not for sale!" This fits right in with the pattern I wrote about below of Trump ending the appeasement of the enemies of Israel for the sake of American security concerns.

The new Abraham Accords are with minor players in the Mideast and do not really herald the “dawn of a new Middle East” as Trump has said. Not unless instead of more peace it unintentionally leads to the war that changes the Mideast forever.

The update after Trump's drone strike on Iran's Soleimani and the main article after the US embassy move continues below...

General Qassem Soleimani dead

The Answer in Trump's Moves in the Middle East

I write this the day after Iranian General Qassem Soleimani's death by the order of US President Trump because I see a prophetic significance to it.

Article continues below...

The End In 2026? It's Now Possible

Since learning in 2001 that Yeshua must return in a Sabbath year, I've had to rule out three Sabbath year cycle windows for the final 7 years (2003-2009, 2010-2016, 2017-2023). With the next window (2024-2030) less than 7 years away, I'm ready to share why I believe, based on the real end time sign of Mt 24:14, that this can be the one. If it is, the "birth pains" (WW3 + Wormwood, Lk 21:10-11) would hit near its middle in 2026 with Yeshua returning in 2030. Find out what's changed to convince me about 2026 and what you can do about it...

It was back in 1992 during a home visit from my pastor (to introduce the new associate pastor, I think) that the subject of prophecy came up. He showed me the Israel war prophecy in Psalm 83. I never knew that there was an end-time prophecy in the psalms, of all places. (Psalm 91 is another exciting one). It impressed me. Ever since then, like others, I have been watching that prophecy for its fulfillment. And waiting...

I see Psalm 83 as parallel to Isaiah 17's prophecy which tells us that, as a result of this lightning, one-day war (Isa 17:14):

  1. Damascus will cease to be a city and become ruins (Isa 17:1)
  2. Israel, though the victor, will suffer a loss of life (Isa 17:3-6) heavy enough to compare it to a Second Holocaust (despite the "never again" slogan).

This prophecy has been anticipated for decades, yet has never come. Why not? In my article on Psalm 83, I talk about how the prophecy describes a confederacy of Arab/Muslim nations (Iran is not Arab, but is Muslim) that must form first. The confederacy of nations has one purpose, to wipe out Israel. But how do you get divided nations with multiple factions of Islam to put aside their differences and peace treaties with Israel and fight a potent nuclear power?

I did not have an answer for that (apart from they need nukes of their own first, probably) until December 2017. That was when I woke up in the morning to the news that Trump had decided to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and to relocate the US Embassy there.

After I began writing the article about it (below), I caught some news updates that shared the reaction to Trump's announcement in the Arab/Muslim world: great outrage. I then better understood why his announcement was so important and why I felt so convicted to write the article: this could finally answer why the Arab/Muslim world unites: Trump making moves that no other US president in history would do which antagonize them into radical action.

That night, God gave me a divine dream (described in the article below). I knew God was signaling me by the dream and the powerful conviction I felt (for the first time) that Trump's action was indeed leading to prophecy being fulfilled.

Trump's Pattern of Arab/Muslim Provocation (2017-2020)

I did not notice until recently to what degree Trump has continued this pattern of bold foreign policy that consistently displeases Israel's enemies:

  1. Dec 2017 - Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and announced the US Embassy relocation there
  2. May 2018 - Trump opened the US Embassy in Jerusalem
  3. Mar 2019 - Trump recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel
  4. Nov 2019 - Trump said Israel's settlements are not "illegal"
  5. Jan 2020 - Trump orders hit of Iran's second-most-powerful leader, General Soleimani
  6. Jan 2020 - Trump Mideast Peace Plan enrages Palestinians (and many Arabs), by permitting Israel to annex the West Bank
  7. Sep 2020 - Abraham Accords with UAE and Bahrain help to isolate Iran and Palestinians

All of these acts by Trump were reversals of decades of US foreign policy (in the case of the settlements, 50 years). While the acts were considered heroic by his allies, his critics consider them reckless. In fact, the decision to kill General Soleimani was rejected by Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, fearing it would lead to war. (This is partly why General Qassem Soleimani moved around freely in Iraq with less security and secrecy in recent years.)

Importantly, each of Trump's moves above has infuriated the Arab/Muslim world.

What I could not possibly know two years ago when I wrote the article below about the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital is that it was only the start of this long-term pattern described above. And I do not think the pattern is finished yet.

Israel in the Crosshairs

For certain, #5 above, the assassination of Iran's #2 leader, is the most provocative of all in terms of military escalation potential. Yet I do not think that is enough.

It is unclear exactly where it needs to go from here, other than that Trump must continue the pattern above of diverging from the past "safe" policy of placating Israel's enemies. The Arab/Muslim world will, in turn, decide they must diverge from their own past policy (of nearly five decades since their last confederate attack on Israel in 1973) of not attacking nuclear Israel. (As a deterrent that has proven effective, Israel openly demonstrated their willingness to retaliate with nuclear weapons—The Samson Option—starting in the last major war, the 1973 Yom Kippur war.)

If they were to finally fulfill their long-held desire of destroying Israel (Ps 83:4), that would resolve a large part of the conflict in the M.E. and teach Trump they will not be trifled with or ignored. It reminds me of this scene from Fatal Attraction (1987):

My Prediction On Trump 2020

If my theory on the catalyst of the war is correct, and it is also correct that this war happens by or close to 2022, then I think Trump leaving the White House after 2020 will not get the job done, even with what he might do the rest of 2020. I think anyone else replacing Trump, whether Democrat or Republican, will go back to typical US foreign policy in the Middle East that does not push Israel's enemies into a corner like Trump seems to be a natural at doing.

Therefore, I believe Trump will stay in office for a second term through 2024; he will be re-elected.

He's the key disruptor, not just in the US, but also in the M.E. I think he has appeared now for just this purpose of shaking up the Middle East. If it's not him that gets the Arab/Muslim world to unite in the Psalm 83 war against Israel, then what else could? I do not know. Again, Israel is a nuclear power and her Arab neighbors and Iran do not have a proven deliverable nuclear arsenal yet to match Israel's Samson Option.

If it sounds like I think Trump is being used by God to fulfill prophecy, then yes, that's what I think. As Lance Walnau heard prophetically before Trump was elected, he's God's "wrecking ball." However, it is probably not in the way most U.S. evangelicals think or want (inspiring a nuclear war which will horrify the world).

I do want to point out that believing God raised Trump up to the presidency does not necessarily mean that I am pro-Trump. To be honest, I cannot defend the "world-class narcissism" that he displays daily as a Twitter-addict. If what Paul said about "people in the last days" being "lovers of themselves" is here, I think it is fitting that the democratically-elected leader of the country that invented social media would exemplify it, too. We got the leader we deserve. The more I see pride like that on display on social media among my fellow Christians, too, the more sober-minded I am to ask God to help me see my own pride so I am nothing like Trump. That's the only way I see God using me for something better than inciting a war. Trump's pride is great for that job as long as he is US President which I expect to continue through 2024.

I admit it sure does not look this way after COVID in 2020 and especially in October 2020 according to polls, so I expect to be wrong and things to work out another way. Time will tell, and it will not be boring.

My original insights from December 2017 on the prophetic significance I felt in Trump recognizing Jerusalem and planning to move the embassy there continues below...

Excitement Over Israel's Capital Finally Being Recognized

When I woke up, turned on my phone and watched the news that President Trump had finally recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital, I immediately had a strong conviction come upon me. A sense of excitement, certainly, and something more...

But I was not sure why yet. I was not surprised at the great news. I had known this was coming for days based on news reports. Although I'm fond of Israel and happy to see an Israeli political victory (for a change), that alone did not account for the level of emotion I felt.

I began to sense that this event was somehow important prophetically. How? I thought about it through the day and night before I knew the answer that I share below.

For Jews and Israelis, the importance of Trump's decision was not so elusive. To have their national capital finally recognized some 70 years after it was established in 1948 is long overdue. It is vindication. Trump said it is their right as a sovereign nation to pick their capital (whether it is shared later or not) and he was only acknowledging this reality.

The excitement for American supporters of Israel is also easy to understand. They get to see their president “do the right thing” and fulfill his campaign promise at the same time. This is extra special considering how the last three presidents could also have done so, even promised to, but failed to.

Why Now? What Changed?

I say they could have because the US Senate had already passed the “Jerusalem Embassy Act” urging the US to move its embassy to Jerusalem back in 1995. Although it specified 1999 as the move deadline, each past president had signed waivers postponing this law, citing Middle East security concerns and, of course, not wanting to hinder prospects of the blessed “peace process.”

Then along comes Trump, "the great disruptor," breaking all the rules including the precedent of decades of US foreign policy. Given the lack of progress on Middle East peace and his own maverick nature, Trump decided it was time to try a new approach, one that no longer ignored reality. (I'm sure as well he saw something in it for himself as is often the case when normal people do good deeds.)

Can you blame him? It seems illogical to expect a peace agreement with someone who wants to deny a fact of history as clear as what the capital city of their peace partner is.

Prophecy Says No Peace Until the Millennium, Anyway, And Two More Wars

If you study end time Bible prophecy, you may already know that Middle East peace was never in the cards. It was doomed from the start. There is too much deep-seated, ancient animosity between the offspring of Abraham's sons Ishmael (father of the Arabs) and Isaac (father of Israel).

Peace simply will not happen between Israel and the Arabs before Jesus returns. Jesus will become king of the earth in God's global government called the Kingdom of God. This will end all wars and even administer conflict resolution to all situations including this Middle East conflict.

Further, as readers of my past articles are well aware, before we get there we have two major wars in prophecy involving Israel, the Arabs, and Jerusalem:

  1. First, we have the nuclear Middle East war between Israel and her neighboring nations, mostly enemies and mostly Arabs (excluding Persian Iran). Israel will defeat the Arabs in this war using her nuclear weapons resulting in the destruction of Damascus as Isaiah 17 describes along with Psalm 83. This shift of power will allow key prophetic events to happen like the Third Temple and the gathering of the saints to Judea to safety from WW3 and Wormwood. But this victory and resulting power over the Middle East will only be temporary.
  2. That's because once all that prophecy is fulfilled, the very next event will be the rise of the Antichrist. When he comes to power he will almost immediately surround Jerusalem with his armies (Luke 21:20), take over the Third Temple as his headquarters and will then expel half of Jerusalem's inhabitants (Zech 14:2). I'll give you one guess as to which half of Jerusalem will be sent packing: the Jewish half...or the Arab half?

As "Exciting" as the Third Temple Being Constructed?

Perhaps you can understand better now why I cannot get very excited about this big news like my Jewish friends, even though I readily agree with Trump's decision to end the charade of denying reality.

On the one hand, playing along with a game of denial about Israel's capital was illogical and wrong. But at the same time, this recognition of Jerusalem is not going to bring peace either (like Trump states it can). Nor is it going to bring any change in Israel's fortunes in the world. It's not the start of a renaissance or a new era for Israel. The world is still led by Satan and therefore almost completely antisemitic. This will not change until the Millennium, even if Israel does get the upper hand over the Arabs for a short time after Damascus falls.

No matter how many countries follow suit to recognize Jerusalem, the Jews who feel safe there will still be expelled from their capital and persecuted when the Antichrist arrives.

My lack of excitement for Israel over this could be likened to how it will be when the Jews finally get permission to build their Third Temple on the Temple Mount. The Jews are going to be so excited and jubilant to have that dream come true, just as they are to a lesser degree now with the overdue recognition of their capital. Yet those of us with prophetic understanding won't be. We will know that the temple dedicated and intended by the Jews for Yehovah God will soon thereafter be taken over by the Antichrist and employed in the worship of him and his statue/image as God (2Th 2:4).

To sum up, understanding prophecy has many benefits, but it can be quite the buzzkill for otherwise “exciting” news developments!

Prophetic Meaning? Clue in the Outrageous Arab Response

What, then, does Trump's shocking decision really accomplish? I think my initial feeling that Trump's decision is an important step forward in prophecy was right. And now I may understand how it could play out prophetically, even though the phrase “US relocates embassy to Jerusalem” has never been a line item on my prophetic timeline.

The answer or insight came to me within minutes to Trump's announcement, in the news of the Arab response:

Outrage, rage, anger, denunciations, demonstrations, and even an Arab leader's call for “another Intifada” of violence against Israel. Because Trump announced America recognized that Israel's capital was indeed in reality Jerusalem? Seriously? Talk about a fit! They completely ignored the part where he said that the question of whether Jerusalem would be shared in a two-state solution was up to the two parties and not something he was addressing. Still, they threw a tantrum like a toddler after being told he could not have ice cream unless he first ate his peas.

Objectively, that irrational, emotional response got me thinking: had I been missing something all this time about what it will take for the Arabs to unite in a confederate attack on Israel per Isaiah 17/Psalm 83?

To give a little background, I've been saying for years that the Arabs have not attacked Israel together since the 1973 Yom Kippur War because Israel has demonstrated their willingness to use nuclear weapons against an existential threat from the Arabs like they posed at that time. Golda Meir directed Israel to load nuclear bombs on their fighter jets in 1973 when it looked like they were losing the Yom Kippur war. Israel did the same in the 1990 Gulf War when they feared that Saddam Hussein's scud missiles had biological weapons. Both times this “Samson Option” was threatened; namely "you try to destroy Israel, Israel will destroy you at the same time through nuclear retaliation so we both go down together."

My new thinking is that the Arab's general cultural hatred of Israel won't be enough to unify the Arab nations to take on "Nuclear Israel" even once they acquire a nuclear arsenal to neutralize or match Israel's own nuclear deterrent. I believe now God has shown me on the day (and night) of Trump's announcement that there has to be a fresh, new provocation.

The US Embassy move can provide that provocation or perhaps something else that at this time is not already planned or expected. Nevertheless, I think a new provocation is a necessary component for this war to happen along with the development of an Arab nuclear arsenal to answer Israel's nuclear arsenal.

Why I Never Before Announced News is "Prophetic"

Bear in mind, when I say I am convinced Trump's announcement could be prophetic, I don't state it lightly. I'm not a typical Christian prophecy pundit finding prophetic meaning in every other news story. I don't have a habit of saying “prophecy is being fulfilled” or regularly claim major news events are prophetic. You'll hear such things pronounced by others about earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, rumors of wars, as many also did about the election of Trump, etc., but not by me.

(Note that Jesus did speak of “wars and rumors of wars”, however it was in making the point that they are a normal fixture of life and are not signs of the end so don't be troubled by them. Meanwhile, most Christians are either troubled by them or considering many wars prophetic when they are just a common outcome of human nature.)

In fact, I never proclaim anything is prophetic and get criticized by some for debunking every popular prophecy theory. But just as I changed my stance on date-setting and on sharing my own conviction on what year I think the end will start, so too, I'm now breaking precedent and saying something in the news finally is prophetic. (Have to keep my haters guessing...)

Confirmation? My Startling, Revealing Dream That Night

Of course, I cannot prove any of the above, nor do I feel a need to convince anyone of my beliefs ever, anyway. I share my thoughts for those who are interested, as I know many of you are, especially supporters.

That said, I will state for those who care that I feel God confirmed the insights above through a dream. After thinking about, researching and beginning to write this article on Trump's announcement, I said some prayers in faith to Yehovah God and went to bed.

That night I had an incredible, startling dream that revealed something about the Great Tribulation I never anticipated nor have I ever heard anyone teach—yet it is obvious once you hear it.

Even more interesting, it turns out this dream was a follow-up or companion piece to a previous dream I had on what the righteous will be doing in their safe place during the Great Tribulation (Rev 12:14).

To access both dreams and understand why I feel this Trump US Embassy move insight is confirmed, please join or go to the supporter area.

Please bear in mind (again), me sharing my dreams is also unusual. God does not give me dreams all the time. Unlike my peers, you won't hear me claiming, “God told me this or that” nor will I make it seem I have a running conversation with God all the time as some do. I'm not a prophet. I've only had half a dozen dreams I could definitely say were divine and I've only shared a couple so far publicly outside of my family. Thus, when I get a word from God it is precious, not a common thing. I seek God diligently (Heb 11:6) and sometimes he surprises me with, let's say, unexpected and encouraging bonus revelations. I'm enjoying sharing his secrets with others as Paul said the early church did when they came together (1Co 14:26). Praise Yehovah.

Final Thoughts

To help avoid any misunderstanding, let me try to summarize what I'm saying as well as what I'm not saying.

When I heard Trump's announcement, I believe the Holy Spirit convicted me that this was (at last) a truly prophetically significant news event to pay attention to. I immediately knew I had to write this article and was researching it all that same day. I quickly arrived at the previously missed insight that the Arabs need a new provocation to unite them in their suicidal attack against nuclear Israel per Isaiah 17/Psalm 83.

I believe the US Embassy move could provide such a needed provocation.

I feel that the revelatory dream God gave me that night was God's gift to confirm my direction and conclusions of the day. I realize that it may not seem so given the different subject of the dream itself. But in reality, the Great Tribulation is the "main event" that all these next prophetic events set up and culminate in. As soon as the 42 month Great Tribulation finishes, the earth comes under the Kingdom of God (Rev 11:15) starting with God's wrath for ten days (Rev 11:18). The fact that I got any kind of revelatory dream on the same day that I felt told to write on Trump's embassy plans as a prophetic event is significant to me—especially given how rare these dreams are in my life. After all, God could have given it after I wrote the article or before. He chose to give it while I was in the middle of the two-day process.

Admittedly, God never spoke to me in clear words about the above so these are only the deductions I draw from the feelings, coincidences, and events of that eventful 24 hour period starting from seeing Trump's big news. I share it for your own consideration as you evaluate in your own life how close the end may be and whether your spiritual house is in order yet and needs any refocused attention.

If the above is correct, then this would confirm further my previously shared convictions on 2024-2030 being the final seven years with 2026 being the end of the world as we know it/WW3/Wormwood as my Supporter Study explains in detail.

If you are worried you won't be prepared for how quickly things may be coming, the support team will help guide you on that important question.

If you want that kind of spiritual growth help or if you enjoyed this article, please consider joining my supporter group to read and consider that 2026 study for yourself. Or consider getting my book Know the Future to gain a full understanding of end-time events and have the comfort that comes with that. Either option funds me to continue getting the free articles like this one out. I cannot do this work without the saints who “share in all good things with their teacher” like Paul said (Gal 6:6).

Update: ME War By 2022? - Based On Two Other Dreams

A few months after writing the above article on my conviction about Trump's Jerusalem decision being important to the M.E war coming, I got further confirming insights about the war indeed coming soon. I had previously only understood the war must come by or before the 2024-2030 Sabbath year cycle candidate for the 70th week. But as my 50th birthday approached, I got insights about the war coming specifically by the year 2022. Time will tell...

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david steele - February 21, 2021

Hi Tim: Know you are busy but wanted you to be aware I have followed you for years. Have had a few dreams of my own that have been confirmed by the Word. I agree with nearly everything you have said here. However there may be something overlooked.
Have you seen a video put out by the Government of Iran a few years back of their ushering in their “Mahdi”?
Their government supported that video and it clearly states it is their duty, and will be their action that will bring this man into being. In other words, their Mahdi will come at their behest and actions.
Irans leadership could care less about its people. Still they do care about themselves a great deal.
These people clearly believe that they will most likely die in the service of Allah. And that is a good thing. In fact they want to die in His service.
They actually believe the destruction of Iran to be a positive outcome, and they do not need nukes to get their virgins in paradise. They are serious about dying in the cause and it is proven repeatedly by suicide bom bers.
You need to take into account that Iran clearly does not need nukes, But they seek them, but if they win all the better. But they plan on not winning as to them it is winning either way. And if their entire country burns then the entire country goes to paradise. They will attack Israel either way so clearly they don’t care if they actually have nukes, but would like to. All they need do is die in the service of their god.
They don’t have to win. Only die.
So they want the nukes, but it is not necessary. That may have an impact on your ideas of the coming war in the next year or two. Its coming. And Iran actually wants to die. They are a suicidal country. And the sunni do not understand that. As they will turn on each other in the process. Hope I explained this correctly.
Burden of Damascus soon to come.

Colin Johnson - December 10, 2020


Have you heard the recent news of the Star of Bethlehem? I seen many articles from the fearmongers that this moves everything. Thoughts?

Thanks, CJ

    Tim McHyde - December 10, 2020

    Colin, speculation flies with every major conjunction. Nothing ever happens because speculation does not predict the future, end-time prophecy does. A conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is not there. The real Christmas star was much more than this.

Carol Pereira - November 27, 2020

Two prominent Iranian deaths this year.
The latest being
Perhaps, we are headed to Tim’s timeline after all?

Eirik Solend - November 19, 2020

Hi Tim,

Have you heard about a report published 17, September, 1973, by the Club of Rome entitled the “Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System“, which was authored by Eduard Pestel and Mihajlo Mesarovic. The report revealed the Club’s intention to divide the world into ten economic/political regions.

Can this be a possible fit for the prophecy about the 10 horns in the book of Daniel and Revelation? I have recently read a book that suggests this. I would like to hear your view on this.

Thank’s in advance.


Steve willson - November 13, 2020

It certainly looks bleak right now for Trump. All the people I have watched in videos with the gift of prophecy are saying Trump will get a second term. One of them said to keep an eye on philadelphia pa and the corruption there. I believe God is going to expose the fraud and corruption in this US election and Trump will win again. Trump has been Israel’s best friend.

    Blaze - November 14, 2020

    Biden is way ahead in votes. But I can’t rule out a Trump victory because it is still a mathematical possibility (or has it become an impossibility now?). There is an assumption that a lot of absentee ballots will go to Biden based on history, trends, projections, etc. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I’m waiting until more ballots are counted before I call the election, but I’m not convinced any legal battles will make a difference. Could be wrong. We’ll know for sure in December in any event.

Alexander atwell - November 10, 2020

Tim, what do you expect from prophetic with the biden election? He is pro Palestinian and anti israel, can peace agreements with kushner still be broken today?

Zachary Miller - November 9, 2020

For some time I too (like yourself) thought that Trump would be “the President” who would be in power during the Middle East nuclear war but after this year (and the current pending election in the US) I’ve come to doubt that view. The part that I continued to question were the reason(s) for this “secret” agreement to destroy Mystery Babylon (assuming this takes place in 2024). While President Trump has been in conflict with China it never really struck me as “enough” to get them to finally decide to destroy an entire country. It just didn’t make any sense to me. Enter COVID-19. If you haven’t figured it out already this supposed “pandemic” hasn’t materialized into one (based on the numbers). Just look at Japan. A country of 123 million people, who had no mask mandates OR lockdowns, experienced a whopping 1,700 people dying with the disease! Amazing, right!? Anyway, These lockdowns and the pandemic play into something that is currently being talked about: A reset of the Western financial structure (which is super convenient!). Expected to come by around 2022 this “new” system, which the United States would need to sign on for, would alter the way the world produces and consumes (controlled largely at the top by Western Bureaucrats). It’s the next “version” of Marxism. However, people in the West won’t go along with that outright—they have to be convinced of “needing” this new system (to save themselves, the planet, and whatever else they’re told we need it for). The COVID-19 pandemic, and possibly a future one that’s actually bad, will convince everyone in the West to go along with the “new way of running the economy” if it means surviving (sounds a lot like what those who survive Wormwood will be promised, doesn’t it?) and living with less perceived fear. Biden just may be the right person to achieve these goals as he’s already stated he’s going to be resigning onto the Paris Accords and will more than likely go right along with resetting the Western financial system. The reason for all of this is that Western socialism is collapsing (most people are probably not aware of this). The pressures from this will certainly reverberate but the important point is this has to be initiated sooner rather than later—and waiting four more years may be too late to save the dying EU. And so, it may be that this reset will be one of the factors of the Middle East war. Additionally, and I haven’t mentioned this yet, this financial system reset will be pushed onto the East and will be controlled by the West. Does it seem likely that Russia, China, and others will willingly go along with this? Uh, no. And they’ve been aggressively working to ensure that they have their “own” economic system to separate themselves from the West or at least make them less dependent on the West. The United States will be used at the “hammer” (as it always is) to help shove this down everyone’s throats—and they’re simply not going to like it. As we get close to 2024 you can imagine what these countries will be thinking and it will be more than enough to plot removing the hammer from their throats once and for all. Given what we know about the Western plans for its financial system it seems more likely that a Biden presidency would play a better role in forcing the world to accept this new system—and will most certainly reinstitute the US’s previous policy of war first, questions later! In all honesty (I was being honest before!) I still agree with the 2026 timeline. It’s highly likely that the US (as we’ll see in many parts of the West) will begin to break apart in the later 2020’s. Human beings will never learn that their nature is the cause of their problems!!! After this next war, and the possibility of another pandemic, no one will want to go to Judea—the fear of the unknown will simply be too great. So here’s to 2021 and beyond—where instability will reign and the people will be willing to give up everything for the (empty) promises of safety! And let’s not forget, no U.S. President will want to reside over a nuclear war that takes place in the Middle East—But President Trump will certainly say “I told you so” if he isn’t in office at the time. Not to mention this rather obvious pattern of God—He enjoys making things look like He’s losing, and losing big, and then turns around and wins. Biden winning the presidency may not be the “winning” card he thinks it is. At that point, it will be his policy that is shaping the Middle East, though I’m sure he’ll blame Trump for the war.

    James Fulton - November 15, 2020

    Hi Zachary,
    I just want to point out one thing about Japan, that there is nothing “amazing” about the fact that Japan has very few cases of covid in ratio to their population size. They do not really need a mandate to make people wear masks as a means of prevention over there. Japan has a disciplined population that has a history of wearing masks when and if they come down with a cold or the flu to avoid spreading it to others when they are out and about commuting to school, work or any activity that requires them to be in close contact with others. For them they do not need to be told that it is required during this pandemic, they just know that they should, it is part of their cultural character and etiquette to show common curtesy towards their fellow citizens. Their mask wearing culture is probably what has kept their infection rate down so low. That should serve as an example of how effective masks really are.

No One Special - November 9, 2020

Tim, What do you think of the possibility of the great tribulation lasting 40 years, where in the final 3 and a half years would you have the greatest difficulties? or 40 years of the reign of the anti messiah, Most biblical difficulties are linked to the number 40, 40 days of difficulties for Moses and Elijah the 2 witnesses and Jesus, 40 years in the desert, 40 years of a generation from 30 to 70dc destruction of the temple, Israel’s main kings Solomon, David and Saul reigned for 40 years, etc …

    Neno - November 15, 2020

    Yes, I also think that the antichrist will rule for 40 years. The antichrist is no other than Jeroboam. Jesus is coming in the year 2070 or 7 years later in 2077( destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD + 2000 years = 2070). In 2030 there will be the third temple in Jerusalem.

      No One Special - November 17, 2020

      Jeroboam is also an example and the dates fit perfectly, I just don’t know what the anti-messiah’s 33-year reign would be like, since the Bible reports only 7, and how someone would manage to reign 40 years today.

        Joey Bouley - December 1, 2020

        It’s going to last 40 years. What fantasy book do you have.

Steve willson - November 7, 2020

I thought for sure God wanted Trump for two terms. I just saw an article that said Israel believes Biden’s Iran Policy will lead to war. We can rest assured if God does want Trump He will make a way.

Art Leonard - November 5, 2020


With the way it’s looking for trump right now (unfortunately), will the outcome change your timeline? If so by how much? Hope all is well and God bless!

    Tim McHyde - November 5, 2020

    Seeing as Trump is not on my timeline and has nothing to do with it…no change.

      Ron Perkins - November 9, 2020

      Tim, I think you mentioned Lance Wallnau in one of your articles. I just finished his book “God’s Chaos Code” and its reference to Trump being a type of Cyrus and exactly what’s happening during this election. Whatever the outcome I look forward to the advent of “Elijah’s call and warning within the next two years and prepare to “flee to the place of safety.” I pray for strength to endure till the end or willingness to give my all no matter what. I want to add to my monthly support of your ministry but am having a few issues with Pay Pal. Any suggestions? Thanks and Blessings in Yeshua’s name!

    Scott Duncan - November 6, 2020

    I assumed a Trump presidency would be required to rattle the cages further, but the more I think about it a Biden term could also trigger the attack. Biden is likely to be the opposite of Trump in foreign policy and be incredibly weak. The likes of Iran may be emboldened knowing the US will do nothing to intervene if tension escalates. Israel may get spooked knowing they will lose the backing of the US presidency and be forced into a heavy handed nuclear response. Weird times we live in

      Johan Pretorius - November 6, 2020

      Yes Scott, I had the same thoughts. Iran will be emboldened with a weak US leadership and decide to attack.

Chris Wood - October 28, 2020


I have read the 2024-2030 article in depth. Do you think this is still 100% accurate? Do you think anything could happen before or maybe even In the years to follow? Would love a response.


    Tim McHyde - October 28, 2020

    Chris, I’ve never said it was 100% accurate; I believe it strongly but could be wrong. Take it to your prayer closet for your own confirmation from God.

      Chris Wood - October 29, 2020

      As always Tim! I guess my main question would be do you think it could be any earlier? If the timeline is off would it be more likely to be too early or too late? Thanks!

        Tim McHyde - October 29, 2020

        Chris, never earlier, only later, because it works off of set 7 year windows of the prophetic sabbath year cycles.

Scott Duncan - October 3, 2020

Hi Tim. When you say ‘by 2022’, do mean beforehand as in really more this time next year in 2021? Or if during 2022 itself, do you think if will be towards the beginning, or the end of the year?

Or am I overthinking it?

    Tim McHyde - October 3, 2020

    Scott, by Spring 2022.

ROY KING - October 2, 2020

I have followed you for many years and totally agree, in general, with the analyses you have provided. Your book is spot on and almost all of your ideas are backed by common sense and scripture. Just like me you are not through forming your total picture of how all the prophecies will be played out. I agree with your analysis of Trump’s actions and yes they will lead to us defeating Iran (goat by air from the west defeating the two goats, Daniel, Iraq has been done, only Iran is left). It will be better if most of the Arab nations are in treaty with Israel.
Many other things are going to come to pass BEFORE the Antichrist appears on the scene.
1. The rebuilding of the Temple.
2. Restarting of the sacrifice.
3. Opening of the 6th seal and the natural disasters.

All of the above may occur before 2023. I feel they will take more time. The “raising up of Israel to live in God’s sight” occurs in 2069-70 (fleeing to Jordan and being protected by God, at the 3.5 year point of the rule of the antichrist?). The return of Christ (the world turning to embrace the spirit of Christ) has already started and could be fully recognized by 2030. The coming of the Antichrist heading up the four beast (UK, Germany, Russia, UN) is possible by 2026 but it would be another 44 years for Israel to rise up to live in God’s sight. At the end of God’s wrath he will hand over the world for Christ to rule. Is it going to take 40 years for Christ to reestablish Israel? If this is the case only a nuclear incident would cause such a delay.

Blaze - April 13, 2020

I saw that there is an OPEC deal set to expire in April 2022. I thought it was interesting considering the closeness of the date.

Mark - February 23, 2020

Brenda is right!

There is only one people on this earth that best fulfill the prophecies of the chosen Hebrews of the bible. Just like there is only one country on this earth that best fulfill the prophecies of Babylon! who will be judged during (ww3 6th trumpet) after the exodus.

It is difficult and painful even impossible for some to accept due to satan who has already had the time needed to deceived the whole world seeing that we are now just some years away from the return of yeshua hamashiach.

There are certain prophecies that must now be fulfilled upon this people that even satan can not fake or will not be allowed to fake as he has already done in every area of human life.

The bottom line is the whole world will not know and understand the whole mysterious truth about everything pertaining to this life until it is all or just about all over.

People! Prepare yourselves! The final end time prophecies will soon begin and will be unlike anything our generations have experienced.


    Tim McHyde - February 23, 2020

    Mark, I don’t see a Brenda here…

No One Special - February 14, 2020

Tim, what is your opinion about the abrahamic house, is there anything prophetic about it, Preparing for the union of all religions?

Julia Perez - February 12, 2020

Hi Tim!

Question today the UN held a meeting to discuss the Palestinian response to Trumps “deal of the century”. I wonder what your thoughts are on this. It is my belief that Palestine wouldn’t give in but it seems pressure is being put on them to do so. I know others have asked but could this be the plan that brings the rapture? I’ll be honest I’m not sure what to believe it seems like everything is happening so fast that I wonder if the trumpet could very well sound any minute making pre-tribbers right. I enjoy your site I guess ultimately I’m just confused looking for clarification. So many Christian sites have conflicting information including YouTube. Some believe any moment some believe we have a few years left . Hoping you could provide some insight and possibly put my mind at peace.

Taco - February 5, 2020

I am curious how you view these verses in Matthew.

Matthew 10:21-23
“Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved. “But whenever they persecute you in one city, flee to the next; for truly I say to you, you will not finish going through the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes.

I think it is obvious this verse was referring to the days after Jesus’ death. However, this will continue until the Son of Man comes. If there is an escape, and to Israel, where do you think this fits?

    Tim McHyde - February 5, 2020

    Taco, I explain this dual prophecy fully in my book, Know the Future. You can glean some of my explanation in this article and its comments.

      Taco - February 6, 2020

      Thank you for the explanation (in the link you posted), makes sense to me now!

John Mahar - February 2, 2020

The morning of Dec.29th I saw a full moon and traveling behind it I saw a huge part of a planet or asteroid headed to the ground I heard a big bang then the earth quaked.I do believe it is wormwood what I saw.

    Tim McHyde - February 2, 2020

    John, Wormwood would be seen by thousands of telescopes years ago if it was visible to the naked eye. It’s not here yet.

      John Mahar - February 3, 2020

      It was a dream I had.

Hendrik - February 2, 2020

Hi Tim,
What is the day of clouds and darkness and when will it take place.
Kind regards.

    Tim McHyde - February 2, 2020

    Hendrik, if you mean Joel 2:2 then the previous verse tells you it’s the Day of YHVH, which is the last day of his 10 days of wrath right after the 1260 day Great Tribulation.

Richard Rudy - February 1, 2020

Jonathan Cahn, in his book The Oracle shows how God uses seemingly random people and seemingly unrelated events to shape His purpose for the future, even if those persons are non-believers. He shows how Trump had to be elected in 2016 in order that Jerusalem would receive recognition as Israel’s capital city in the Jubilee year of 2017.
His books and your book both point to the 2020’s being the time of the end.

Johann Cronje - February 1, 2020


I would credit you for being on the spot with your own prediction about the imminent ME war according to scripture. It is however very sad that the “nations of the Christian world” have been deceived into believing a lie and therefore not realizing that they themselves are in fact part and parcel of the still “scattered” Israel nations and that they too should be co-owners of the Holy land which the “Jewish” Israelis claim ‘exclusively’ as their own property. This is an undeniable fact and also something which is not known/realized by the Arab/Muslim world and should they actually realize this, they may have so much more reason to remove the inhabitants of the present Jewish state of Israel, together with their friendly sponsors of the West, from the globe.

In the following Scriptures, we read that Israel would inhabit the Islands and coastlands: Isaiah 11:11; 41:1; 41:5; 42:4, 10, 12; 51:5, Jeremiah 31:10. The British Nation and the nations of Northwest and Western Europe (kindred nations, (people with Israel DNA) from whom the people of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are descended) fulfill these Scriptures and NOT the Jews. We read in Deut. 33:19, Ps. 89:26, that Israel would be a maritime nation – once again fulfilled in the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic and kindred nations more than in any other nations in the world, and NOT at all in the Jews. (Gen. 35:9-15). At that time YAHWEH instructed him, “Be fruitful and multiply! A nation–even a “company of nations”–will descend from you; kings will be among your descendants; the land I gave to Abraham and Isaac I will give to you. To your descendants, I will also give this land” (vv. 11-12). Here once again Jacob and all his sons are linked with the God of Abraham and Isaac. The claim on the “Holy land” by the Jews excludes the majority of its rightful owners.

Rebecca Ferraro - January 28, 2020

Tim, what do you think of Trump’s peace plan announced today? There are already so many opinions on the phophetic relevance, just wondering yours. (Or anyone else’s)

    Tim McHyde - January 28, 2020

    Rebecca, from what I heard in the speeches tonight, this latest Trump Mideast action continues the Muslim-antagonizing pattern I wrote about above. It puts pressure on the Arab world to reverse several decades-long policies like not recognizing the State of Israel, give up claim to Jerusalem, etc. I don’t see them being thrilled by it, whether it is agreed to or not. BTW, there is no “peace treaty” in end-time prophecy, so I see no prophetic significance to it beyond the possibility above of it continuing Trump’s role in pushing the Muslims towards attacking Israel per Isaiah 17.

      Julia Perez - January 28, 2020

      I too was wondering about this. Many pre tribbers are saying any moment now we’re out. I don’t agree from what I understand doesn’t the AC bring “peace” so far I only see 3 countries involved not the world. Could the rapture be any moment?

        Tim McHyde - January 29, 2020

        Marie, no, the rapture has prerequisites to it and cannot happen this year or for ten years now because of them.

      Rebecca Ferraro - January 30, 2020

      Hi Again Tim, I came across another question.

      Do you feel that since the plan proposed dividing Israel up we will be cursed as it says in the bible? I just read another article that states that every time we have either proposed a treaty which compromised Israeli territory or tried to remove Israelis out of Palestine we’ve had massive natural disasters. He gave 10 examples that all occurred within days of the proposals.

        Tim McHyde - January 30, 2020

        Rebecca, I disagree with that theory wholeheartedly. Early on I used to accept it (sounded so good) but later debunked it here as a lot of confirmation bias.

Caio - January 18, 2020

Tim, what do you think about Zechariah 14:3-5? Is it talking about a safe place?

    Tim McHyde - January 18, 2020

    Caio, it’s talking about the Second Coming at Jerusalem.

Greg Zanetti - January 5, 2020

Hi Tim,
I, too, appreciate your insights. Thank you. My question is, where do you see war in Psalm 83? I see planning and scheming for war, but no kinetic war.

    Tim McHyde - January 5, 2020

    Greg, fair question. That the Psalmist by revelation saw this confederacy already formed with the purpose of destroying Israel and prayed for God to destroy them with violence shows the conflict is real. It would be hard to imagine God striking down ten nations before they move in to attack, catching them in the act. This would leave the world wondering why on earth those peoples were wiped out supernaturally for apparently no reason. Compare when Satan has the same plot in the Millennium and God waits for the attack (Rev 20:7-10) and how the exodus army of Pharoah gathered and pursued Israel before God struck them down. War is not stated but it must at least begin for God to strike ethically. Thankfully we have the parallel in Isaiah 17 that describes the kinetic war for you.

      Blaze - January 18, 2020

      God intervened previously, in a significant way, previous to that showdown at the Sea.

Tim McHyde - January 4, 2020

T.M. My article gives the Scriptural precedent for Wormwood coming from another (the heavenly) dimension.

Robert Wheeler - January 4, 2020

Tim, just one quick thought. If God the Word made our Universe out of nothing. How hard would it be for him to create Wormwood at the right place and time? Thanks, your friend always and forever, bob wheeler ps I’ll see you at Jerusalem in 2025, my Lord Yoshua and father willing!

Robert Wheeler - January 4, 2020

My Dear Tim, I have something to tell you and if you would give me feedback, I would so appreciated it. I believe you to be right on everything you’ve written, so therefore you could help me. I too believe the nuclear facility and the rest of Iran will be destroyed either by earthquake, Israel, or the U.S. This will give Israel the confidence to start work on the 3rd temple, with Iran out of the way Israel will have in their minds that they are safe. This, the building of the 3rd temple on the temple mount (not the real location of King David’s temple) but God doesn’t want the 3rd Jewish Temple on his holy location. As you’ve said before, the Israelites will win, but at a tremendous loss. Tim I thank you as always for reading my letter. God bless, your friend bob w.

    Tim McHyde - January 4, 2020

    Bob, yes I talk about the Temple and how it probably comes after the nuclear war and the misinformation on where the Temple was in Solomon’s (not David’s) time.

Elizabeth Becker - January 4, 2020

Maybe I have missed it, but where do you think the prophecy of “when they say peace and safety sudden destruction will come upon them” comes into the timeline?

    Tim McHyde - January 4, 2020

    Elizabeth, 1Th 5:3 refers to the same event Jesus talked about in the days of Noah and Lot that God’s wrath comes suddenly like a thief, right after the righteous are sequestered.

jerome kimble - January 4, 2020

Hi Tim…I think Trump will absolutely get re-elected, unless they find a way to murder him. I sometimes wonder how they havn’t got to him yet!
I was wondering if you think the Great Tribulation has already started? It sure would seem that way. God Bless You and your Family. Keep up the good works!

    Tim McHyde - January 4, 2020

    Jerome, the Great Tribulation does not begin until after several other prerequisites listed in prophecy as I cover in my 2020 prophecy article.

    Angelique Froidevaux - January 4, 2020

    I’m voting Trump and would have it no other way!

Tate - July 3, 2018

Hey Tim!! Question with your new insights of the war in 2022 do you still believe 2024-2030 will be the sabbatical cycle of the 2nd coming? Or does that change the time of when you feel the second coming will be to be in 2016-2023 instead? Thanks!

Laurel - June 7, 2018

Interesting insight, I do not doubt your insight but I feel a bit different as to what may be another outcome. We know our Lord sees all we do and allows us a way to make things right and forgiveness is his way over condemnation. As we well know it took so much to get Trump into office and I think he is the strength we have needed (or the world needs). I also feel we have to get him re-elected and the so-called Coo (Obama, Clinton, etc.) are planning something big to take him out of office as a one term president once his term is up. He said outright we will stand with Israel and fight along with them working to stop the current enemies that threaten Israel before they have a chance to make a move. I feel if Trump stays in office another term he will bring down some of the enemies against Israel and with the US to help fight them we may very well have a chance to change things or even allow a more even playing field, to give them a chance to overcome and turn things around a bit. Not sure if anyone feels the same only stating what I am feeling. One more thing, there is a group; “Jerusalem International Prayer Team (ZION)” that have been making great changes in Israel and continue to do so, it has a very large following of members all over the world and we are making good things happen. For one, the Holocaust Victims who are/were not too fond of the Catholics/Christians have been seeing a different side and feeling our genuine love and support that is being given every day. In addition, we are making life better for the victims, other elders and citizens. The “ZION Museum” is bringing in visitors from all over the world and has been a great success. We have been building apartment buildings from the ground up for the elders who are homeless or living in deplorable situations. Plus so much more is being done each day. I feel this is another positive and I do know it’s bringing the Catholic and Jewish Religions together peacefully and showing the Jewish elders that the Christians do love and want to help. This is coming from the heart not the pocket as the group is paying for everything and not asking anything in return. The only outcome is seeing the elders and the less fortunate live happy and with dignity.

    Tim McHyde - June 7, 2018

    Laurel, more level playing field? Bring down Israel’s enemies? That’s quite optimistic.

    Iran alone has ten times the population of Israel. Iran will continue to develop nuclear weapons now, even though the deal Trump canceled was terrible and not helping since they lied and cheated on it like Netanyahu showed. I understand your view based on your work with building interfaith bridges, but Isaiah 17 tells us a very costly nuclear war is coming. America will have nothing to do with it, no time to respond it goes so fast.

    As for Jews, they distrust Christians due to the “antichrist/Christ-killers” Christian label on them for centuries. They even say Christians are worse than the Nazis because the “Nazis and their Holocaust only destroyed their bodies, but Christian and their missionary efforts destroy their soul.” I’m sorry to say that’s not changing before Christ returns either. It’s all going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Don Zoell - May 14, 2018

I utterly reject your suggestion, that our Lord Jesus will reject many sincere believers….Those who are sincere share their gifts in this life with the poor (as our Lord advised us to do many many times). He tells us that He LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER.

So, how can our dear Lord tell us to get lost (as you put it) and at the same time tell us that He loves us?

Be careful what you say…think about what you are saying.

I agree with you on your understanding of the 144,000…They are
Christians indeed.—–God Bless You.

    Tim McHyde - May 14, 2018

    Don, All Christians reject the idea that Jesus’ words of rejection in Mt 7:21-23 refer to Christians. But where in the Bible does it say “sincerity” is what salvation is based on? How do you live for eternity in harmony with people who were allowed entrance there because they were merely “sincere?” The only way eternity works is if everyone has adopted the two laws of the Father that Jesus as Lord also requires. Yes, it’s loving of God to make sure eternity is harmonious by laying down the law.

      bryan simon - January 25, 2020

      Does eternity have the possibility to change in such a drastic way as creation did?

        Tim McHyde - January 25, 2020

        Bryan, yes, we will change and grow in eternity, but you don’t want to find that someone has a fundamental pride issue or trust issue with God, or issue with loving others after giving them eternal life. God makes sure to test people in the flesh and confront them on these deal-breakers before giving them eternal life.

          bryan simon - January 31, 2020

          What I mean is, what are the chances that when we get to heaven to live our eternal life, God decides to put another tree in the center of town and all of this crazy chaos starts over again?

          Tim McHyde - January 31, 2020

          Bryan, oh, zero chance. The tree of knowledge of good and evil and all the testing of our faith over God really being good (Heb 11:6) will be over before anyone gets rewarded with eternal life. That was the point of all these tests, to make sure we are ready to live in harmony with God and his other glorified children. We will still have much to learn, but all the rebellious and paranoid personality types will be rooted out.

Jody Finne - May 12, 2018

Tim…I appreciate your insights and sharing of dreams & updates!

Discussing the time near his return to earth, Jesus declared, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all” (Luke 17:26-27).

In the parable of the ten virgins, five were unprepared and did not have enough oil (sanctification, righteousness) in their lamps when the bridegroom came unexpectedly. They had no light to follow the groom to the bride chamber. Beginning in the sixth chapter of Revelation, the church (bride) is never mentioned again. If God spared Noah, Lot and their righteous family members, why would he condemn the church (5 righteous virgins) to the Great Tribulation? Clearly the 10 virgins parable illustrates that 50% of all “believers” in Yeshua WILL NOT be raptured before the 7 year tribulation begins. 144,000 sealed will be from the 12 tribes of Israel. Young, orthodox Jewish men will conduct the greatest revival of soul winning during the tribulation to save the nation of Israel.

    Tim McHyde - May 12, 2018

    Jody, where did you get the idea the church is “condemned?” Noah went through the flood (was not taken to heaven) and let me tell you, it was no fun bouncing around in the ark with the stinky animals for a year. Secondly, Noah and Lot were righteous and faithful. Anyone who is righteous and faithful will escape in the end time equivalent of Noah’s ark: Judea. No condemnation in that.

    As for the two parables you mention, neither the Days of Noah/Lot nor the Ten Virgins teaches a pretrib rapture or a 50% rapture rate. Reading my linked studies on them should help you with that as well as my study on the rapture timing and purpose.

    Finally, the 144,000 come not from a few million of the non-believing Jews we see today but mainly from hundreds of millions of Lost Ten Tribes Israelites who believe in Jesus because they are Christians.

      Jody Finne - May 15, 2018

      If you look at Biblical patterns (which repeat), many of our churches today are no better or different than the 7 ones mentioned in Revelation! Only churches like Philadelphia have been/will be the cherished example, with nothing held against them by the Lamb of God. If there is a rapture, those on earth who become “saints” will have repented and died during the Great Tribulation. They will not take the mark of the beast in their right hand or forehead. Earthly saints (like those who went before them) will overcome all types of persecution and the seal/bowl/trumpet judgments. Some will be comprised of lukewarm Christians, backsliders, and those who didn’t have a personal relationship with Yeshua before the rapture and/or first seal is opened. Many are called but few are chosen for the New Way, narrow path. Perhaps these are the ones protected in Petra or Judea. 144,000 will come from the 12 tribes of Israelites: young male virgins not corrupted by sexual immorality. That’s what I interpreted from Bible readings in Revelation.

      I am optimistic about a Pretrib or midtrib rapture because of the law of separation (wicked vs righteous) and previous escape paths provided by God for his righteous believers (Noah, Lot, Abraham, etc). As a faithful servant, I have procured a Berkey clean water filter and 6 month food supply as preliminary precaution. Starving to death or experiencing dehydration seems less horrific than beheadings which Islamic terrorists use today. We must all prepare psychologically for what’s to come….especially since Europe & Western nations are currently being invaded by economic migrants who also need food, water, shelter and a sustainable source of income.

      Sue W - January 10, 2020

      So much of the bible is understated.
      As Tim pointed out it was no fun on the ark. It was also no fun in the wilderness.
      It will likely be even even less fun in the future after relocating to Judea.
      Heads up:
      It’s easy to be complacent and think that under divine protection, the place of safety will be comfortable.
      I’ve just finished the Exodus story again.
      God did not provide a number of things for His people thd Israelites until they were uncomfortable and complained (safety, water, meat, manna etc)
      I wonder how long He would have made them wait for their needs if they never complained.

        Sherry Phelps - January 13, 2020

        I agree with you Sue (and Tim)- nothing about being “called out” will be comfortable. We will have the necessities to live and will be divinely protected from harm but are not promised more.

        There have been times in the life of my family that we have barely even had the necessities needed to live here in America; however, it was NEVER doubted that God was with us and provided for us. How can we expect for our time at the end of the world as we know it to be different?

        There are many in this world (far more than 144,000) who claim the name of “christian” today. In the light of billions of people on this Earth, 144,000 is grain-of-sand small.

mauricio malagon - March 2, 2018

Hello Tim,

How long do you figure it will take to build the third temple, assuming it’s built to the same specifications as was Solomon’s second temple? I’ve read various prophecy commentators that just a structure (a partial temple, think like the second Death Star in Star Wars LOL) is needed and the actual commencement of animal sacrifices to fulfill the 3rd temple prophecy in Revelation. I doubt Antichrist will want nothing less but a completed Temple in order to do his abominations.

If the temple is indeed built to biblical specifications such a structure may take anywhere between 2-3 years and longer with today’s building standards. It took Solomon 7 years to build his temple, but he contracted Nephilim to help build that temple (1 kings 9:20-21).

    Tim McHyde - March 2, 2018

    Mauricio, On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve heard it’s being prefabbed and could only take months. Who can say?

jlar - February 24, 2018

What would be a big enough reason for the surrounding islamic states to be provoked to an attack against Israel? Shifting of the US-Embassy to Jerusalem alone doesn´t seem likely to qualify. His decision about the Embassy strengthened the position of the US President in the eyes of confessing Christian Americans and almost turned him into a saint. Likewise the Prime Minister of Israel needs something to keep him afloat amidst corruption scandals. Suitable act to stabilize his position could be to start with the construction of the great religious-nationalistic monument, the third temple. He would thus secure his place in the history as a great Jewish king.
Security of the capital for embassies and the temple would dictate a deportation of the Palestinian population. Ongoing Judaization of Jerusalem being brought to an end would also bring an end to a Palestinian capital there.
The temple – more than the ethnic cleansing of East-Jerusalem – would probably be enough to unite the neighbours. There must be a religious trigger, close enough to the common roots of all diverse Islamic denominations to gather them behind a common cause. Their third holy temple being overshadowed by a major jewish one might be such.
Present political turmoil in Middle East may lead Israeli leaders to miscalculate the repercussions of their decisions.

    Tim McHyde - February 24, 2018

    JLar, yes, the US embassy move may not be enough of itself and may lead to a chain of events before the war, but the Third Temple won’t be one of them. You see, the Third Temple cannot possibly be erected until after the war eliminates the problem of Muslim political power and control of the Temple Mount. Their power has been the reason we don’t already have a Third Temple and only a war will change that.

      Floyd Treece - February 25, 2018

      Hey Tim, have you read the book The Temple by Bob Cornuke.? A possible southern location for the temple . Very interesting.

Alberio - February 24, 2018

Tim, I believe you have read the awesome prophecy of Micah 4: 8 (bible in today’s language):
“And Jerusalem, the place where I, as a shepherd of sheep, look and take care of my people, shall again be the capital of the land, the most important city of Israel.”
We live emotional days, the great tribulation is knocking on our doors!

Ken Smelko - January 27, 2018

I am inclined to agree with you on the 2030 or 2031 as the year of the Second Coming. Like Joseph in Egypt being informed by God that 7 years of plenty will precede 7 years of famine. Joseph stockpiles and stores grain and food stuffs during the years of plenty. Then the 7 years of famine arrives, bringing starvation, sickness, death, plagues upon the world, but Egypt was prepared and ready to endure the onslaught. Trump is a type of Joseph and he will have two terms as POTUS. The next President will be sworn in when the 70th week of Daniel begins. I think the the two solar eclipses across the USA are bookends of the seven years of plenty. Or, the first signaling the start of the 7 years of plenty, and the second signaling the seven years of Daniel’s week to begin.

Matthew - December 14, 2017

I have always thought that there were no much activities to kick-start the war. I was looking at N.K’s unfolding events how it could involve Israel and leading to destruction around that area because of ally’s stuff…. I also know that these present threats are part of the rumors Jesus talked about. So, it was not that convincing… But now, it all make more sense. Thank you brother! God bless you and give you more to deliver to us in Jesus name. Amen!

Eric Duhon - December 13, 2017

Hi Tim, I am also keeping a close eye on Jerusalem. God has been using Trump prophetically, since God put him in power. God has to protect his children somehow when Wormwood comes through, correct? I know where the escape is, you tested me the first time I called you, explain the protection from the 90-lb hailstones (all the trash in the tail) in revelation. It’s either in caves or underground when it comes through. Where is the provision?

    Chris Ball - December 13, 2017

    Hi Brother Eric

    Concerning how God will protect us from the catastrophes from the dwarf planet Wormwood, it will most likely be a miracle similar to what happened to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I wouldn’t sweat it too much to be honest. The bigger problem is making sure you have enough faith to escape to the safe zone when your mind tells you not to go there.

Geoff - December 10, 2017

Thanks Tim, It’s a great article. I concur with your insights, if that means anything. It seems logical and slots into the next 7 year time frame very well.

David Price - December 9, 2017

Tim, When I heard the news a couple of days ago regarding President Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, I knew your next email message would be related to the move. I had a similar inclination. I even mentioned it to my wife. As you have stated, there would need to be some provocation to get the Arab nations to assemble against Israel. That was my initial reaction to this news as well.

Now with the dreams you have had, are we beginning to see the fulfillment of Joel 2:28; ‘your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions’, not that I am saying you are an old man!

Your weekly emails are encouraging and appreciated greatly.

Keep up the good fight!

Andreas - December 9, 2017

Tim, do you think that Turkey will join the Psalm 83 Confederacy?

    Pierre - December 29, 2017

    I don’t know what Tim think about this question and I don’t mind to see his correction but I undoubtedly believe that Turkey will be part of it .

Gene Benjamin II - December 9, 2017

You may want to consider the Iran/Iraq war of Daniel 8 when thinking about a new provocation!!

Steve - December 9, 2017

US Embassy In Jerusalem: Damascus War Trigger? (Dream Confirmation)
Great article enjoyed reading but what dream? Can you supply a link to this dream you had. Thank you.

    Tim McHyde - December 9, 2017

    Steve the confirming dream that God gave me on the Trump Embassy move is here.

John - December 9, 2017

Thank you for preparing me for Christ’s return. In the Catholic church we are taught to stay awake at all times for His return, this lesson was read out from the Bible in church during the current Advent as we look forward to His return. I am truly awake after reading this.

As I read through your article I prayed that Satan would not do the “something else” I feared, for I know it was the satanic ritual to kill children with a stone knife in Mexico on an altar to the Aztec gods before the Spanish came bringing Christ to Mexico (I know they also brought diseases and bad things) and ended this terrible custom. Of course the Aztec priests confused their ceremony, which involved eating the human flesh of children and drinking their blood, with Mass. It was a Satanic imitation of Mass.

It is terrifying to think that Satan is present on this earth and seeks to continue this great wickedness in secret among us today. God blesses and enormously values every child, as Christ said “But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.”

Leanne Pownall - December 9, 2017

Wow, Tim, thankyou so much for being a faithful servant and posting this – including your dream. Fantastic, I say, because it confirms things for my own life that haven’t yet come to pass and I have asked regularly if I got the message wrong…and yet I keep holding on, knowing He will bring it all together in His Perfect timing, in His own way and for His glory. Thankyou again Tim, I am greatly encouraged!

Chris Ball - December 9, 2017

Hi Brother Tim

Interesting take on the situation in Israel after declaring the movement of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Speaking of dreams I think one of them I had some time ago may be connected to Mystery Babylon.
I was standing on the ground and then suddenly mushroom clouds appeared which engulfed the land I was in. As you would expect there was nothing living there except myself there to survey the destruction.

At that time I thought I had a very strange dream though after I read what you said about Mystery Babylon being destroyed by fire I suspect that dream was no coincidence.

Anyway have a Merry Christmas and peace be with you


Helen Davies - December 9, 2017

This is such stunning revelations from your dreams and so exciting. Exciting regarding the positive things but exciting to have all of this great new understanding, for you and the body of Christ. I’m eternally blessed to have connected with your ministry. You’re a continual blessing and a secure and safe place to place one’s end time focus. Thank you for obeying God with your life. You’re a huge gift to the Kingdm of God. Keep having great faith for new things and new growth. You’re a huge blessing!

    bryan coffey - December 10, 2017

    Amen! I heartily concur.

Sherry Phelps - December 9, 2017

Wow! This is confirmation for me too. As I saw thid announcement in the news, I felt it deep in my spirit that it was of great importance to prophecy. Thank you Tim!

    Jeanette Zook - December 9, 2017

    I had the very same reaction — that Trump’s announcement was very prophetic — We pray and study diligently (both) to be ready and try to encourage all those closest to us to do the same. We also pray for those (not many) who are truly bringing the prophetic Word of YeHoVaH to those who want to hear it. Thank you Tim for your article, and thanks Sherry for your response as well. Blessings to those who hold the banner high for our Elohim Yeshua.

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