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So...what is this 'Support Team' and why did Tim make it?

First, I understand the disappointment you may be feeling at not accessing the content you were hoping to. I know how you feel because this happened to me, too. I was visiting a friend's blog to listen to a podcast but found out it required a login and payment. It was annoying since I was used to only free teaching from this person for years. Why the change?

Thankfully, in my case, I decided to stop and ask him about it rather just go away mad. He explained how he had been led by God a while back to provide special, often deeper content as a "thank you" for supporters, the people who stand with him and financially support his research, writing, podcasts and videos. To my surprise, he said he was receiving more income from the support team than he was from his book sales (and he has many more published books than me).

This was intriguing because I had recently been praying about an income problem and what to do about it. My Know the Future book sales had been declining for years (due to the changing mobile/video web—not a lack of interest from readers). Book income (and occasional donations) have been my sole support since 2008, but lately they were not enough anymore. I was in danger of running out of savings with a wife and two children including one in international school here in Germany. (He could not get into free public school due to high level German needed.)

When a reader the same weekend told me he would stand with me for monthly support if I would set up a support team and commit to adding new content regularly, I knew God had confirmed this direction. It's very rare when someone "puts their money where their mouth is" backing up their suggestion to help with a financial commitment. And indeed he became my first support team member when I created it in October, 2016.

But is it Scriptural?

Friends, if I was independently wealthy or had great patrons behind me, it would be a different story. But for now I need your help to keep producing and sharing my Bible teaching. In case you worry this is wrong (as many Christians even suggest is the case for charging for my book), please note that Paul addressed this issue with the Corinthians. He said it was not only "OK" but actually right and appropriate for Bible teachers to receive material support for the spiritual support they give:

1 Corinthians 9:1-14 (ESV) —  Do we not have the right to eat and drink?  Or is it only Barnabas and I who have no right to refrain from working for a living?  Who serves as a soldier at his own expense? Who plants a vineyard without eating any of its fruit? Or who tends a flock without getting some of the milk?  Do I say these things on human authority? Does not the Law say the same?  For it is written in the Law of Moses, “You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain.” Is it for oxen that God is concerned?  If we have sown spiritual things among you, is it too much if we reap material things from you?  (However, we have not made use of this right;) instead we endure everything so that we will not hinder the gospel of Christ. Do you not know that those who are employed in the temple service get their food from the temple, and those who serve at the altar share in the sacrificial offerings? In the same way, the Lord commanded that those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel

Notice that Paul made a personal choice to opt to not use his clear right to be supported but maintained before and after saying this that those who preach the Gospel should receive support. On this ethical right I stand in my ministry because I have a family or four and am not single like Paul or Jesus were. Down the road I hope to provide all my content for free and this will be possible after only more supporters who value my work sacrifice with me.

Hope this helps you to feel good and right about supporting my work.

Special Support Team Only Content

Thank you for your interest in supporting my work at Here is the content waiting for you as a Support Team member:

  • Update of EATT and World Trends Considering Bible Prophecy Read more...
    EATT is overcoming the vicious cyber attack! State of the ministry report. What do world trends indicate where we are at in Bible Prophecy?
  • Do World Events Point To The Last Seven Years? Read more...
    Things look very unstable and many wars are happening right now. Are we going to see the End-time prophecies fulfilled in our lifetime? Is it all starting now?
  • Is This The Israel War We Are Looking For? Read more...
    Many prophecy enthusiasts are wondering if the war that broke out on October 7th, 2023 is the Middle East war we are looking for to kick off End-time events. What should we do?
  • Preparation for 2023-2030 Sabbath Year Cycle 
    Many people believe 2023-2030 is the Sabbath year cycle we are looking for to see our Messiah return at its end. Is it the last cycle? How do we prepare for it if it is? Pertinent questions from supporters are answered in this post.
  • Charles King?- Now What?
    Many prophecy seekers were not expecting Charles to become king. It was expected that prophecy events would happen before he had a chance to be king. Now what?
  • End Time Events Preparation- Are we ready?
    Most of you have read Tim's book and many of his articles over the years. Tim worked diligently on the timelines and on his deep understanding of what you can find in the Bible about prophecies. And the amount of information is huge and sometimes confusing. So much to consider, so much to learn, so much to get wrong, so much to look at. In fact, a third of the Bible is prophecy! Tim's unique understanding of what is hidden in plain sight, of what the Bible teaches about End Time Events has helped many of us to get a clearer view how to Escape All These Things.
  • Tim ran the race with endurance and passed the baton.
  • What's the First Sign of the End? Jesus' "Gospel of the Kingdom" Proclaimed Again (After 1900 Years Without) - Jesus had a different Gospel than Christianity. In Matthew 24:14 he said the return of this gospel was the key event right before the end begins. Unlike Wormwood, which shows the end is here, this sign comes in good times and means they end soon... So what is Jesus' gospel and why have you not heard or understood it until now? Find out in this mega article (most of my free articles are around 2000 words) drawing much from the difficult Sermon on the Mount.
  • "Depart from me; I never knew you!" - Jesus (Mt 7:23). The scariest event in prophecy is Jesus' prediction that he will tell "many" sincere believers to depart rather than enter the kingdom. Why does he say this? Who does he say it to? How do you make sure you're not rejected on that day, too? Understand that and the one requirement for salvation Jesus taught (that Christianity does not, or you would already have these answers) in this major article on Jesus' harsh words at the end of the Sermon on the MountJune 22 Update: due to popular demand, I added a new section harmonizing the many "only believe in Jesus" verses (like John 3:16) with what Jesus said about action requirements.
  • How and Why We Moved to Germany: A podcast explaining, "Why I'm in Germany now." I tell the story of how we "graduated" from Costa Rica after 16 years there to an upgraded life in Germany. Germany has given us a lifestyle conducive to conducting and sharing deeper research. And now, interestingly, we're just 4 hours from Israel (so I plan to visit again soon)...
  • 3 Secrets To Finally Understand (and Obey) The “Sermon On The Mount” of Yeshua: Christians assume that they “follow Christ,” yet if pressed, each must admit that they simply do not understand much of Christ's teachings needed to know what he requires of followers. This includes the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus' manifesto for the masses that Martin Luther considered impossibly demanding. Find out why Christianity does not teach it, why it is so offensive (on purpose), and how Jesus is like Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid—only harsher. With the three insights below, you can finally understand and obey the teaching of Jesus to no longer refer to him as "my Lord" without making him lord, from the most important sermon of all time.
  • Jesus' Four Warnings On How Not To Respond To His Sermon (That We're All Guilty Of) — Jesus ended the Sermon on the Mount not with a final command but with four warnings on what not to do in response to his words. His warnings address the three traps every believer has fallen into—including you and I. What he says is absolutely brilliant as it shows he knew that hearers would be overwhelmed by the difficulty of his words and resort to using three common human problem-solving strategies. Normally effective strategies, they fail here and what's worse, you won't even realize they're failing for a long time—if ever. Once you know what the four warnings mean, you will recognize your own mistakes as a Christian and finally see in the fourth warning the one viable response to Jesus' words. Armed with the right approach you can start over in your walk with God.
  • So You Figured Out Christianity Deceived You—Now What? (Part 1) — Jesus specifically warned about Christianity coming "in this name" to deceive "many" by using his story (Mt 24:4-5 KJV), yet few Christians ever see the truth of this. When, after many years as a Christian, you finally arrive at that sickening realization that you have been deceived by Christianity, you can have a crisis of faith. How can God let a sincere servant like you be so duped by the one religion about Christ available? How do you forgive God or yourself for not verifying what Christianity said? Where do you go from here with Christianity, church attendance and what you call yourself now when people ask? (New section added June 23). Learn how to work through the issues that come up as critical thinker who knows Christianity has not faithfully delivered the “faith once delivered” of Yeshua.
  • Why I'm Convinced The End Begins in 2026—And What You Can Do About It — Since learning in 2001 that Yeshua must return in a Sabbath year, I've had to rule out three consecutive Sabbath year cycle windows for the final 7 years (2003-2009, 2010-2016, 2017-2023). This same insight enabled me to easily rule out every date-setting prophecy theory along the way, bringing comfort to many scared readers. With the next possible window for the 70th week (2024-2030) already less than 7 years away, I'm ready to share why I believe, based on the real end time sign of Mt 24:14, that this can be the one. If it is, the nasty birth pains (WW3 + Wormwood) would start near its middle in 2026 and Yeshua would return at its end in 2030. Why am I now sharing a “doomsday year” myself and how am I not a “hypocrite” for doing so? How is my 2026 conviction different from what prophecy theory date setters have done? Read on to understand what has changed, why I'm so convinced about 2026 and, most importantly, what you can do about it if time is indeed that short. (Updated June 16 with expanded summary of and explanation of my 2026 reasons, such as 30 + 2000 = 2030. For new content, search for "Samaritans" and "Summarized.")
  • Sam Miller’s Testimony – How Jesus’ Real Gospel (of the Kingdom) Changed His Life - Sam Miller is one of the early readers of my Support Team content. After the Great Recession in 2008 ruined his mortgage officer career, he became underemployed, in debt, bankrupt, 70 lbs overweight, depressed, suicidal and even angry at God. Here is Sam's testimony in his own words on how he turned things around by learning the real Good News of the Kingdom that Yeshua taught (and Christianity never has) and began "seeking first the Kingdom" by following the Sermon on the Mount as explained in the supporter studies.
  • Podcast: "Most Bizarre Speaking Invitation Experience Ever (in Cyprus) & Lessons Learned"  Katrina and I decided to take a supporter's (paid) invitation to celebrate our 25th anniversary in Cyprus and teach her friends. It seemed totally safe and we prayed about it before accepting. Yet it turned out that the supporter had ulterior motives that I never could have imagined nor could you. Find out what happened and the lessons we learned from this most bizarre speaking engagement ever!
  • So You Figured Out Christianity Deceived You—Now What? (Part 2) — When you reject religion and (finally) go direct to the Bible for your spiritual direction, immediately you are beset with doubts on which commands apply to you and how to do them. You grapple with evangelism, prayer, baptism, fellowship, worship, tithing, the communion, and much more. Amazingly, all these type of questions can be resolved simply with a radical paradigm shift. It requires reconsidering your concept of the Bible (inherited from Christianity): namely that the Bible is "God's law book" for believers to sift through. Understanding the Bible's place in history and true purpose for us makes all the difference with resolving these questions and doubts!
  • Podcast: How to End Disconnection From God — Do you ever have negative feelings towards God or confusion about what he wants from you, resulting in disconnection from God? If we're honest, we have to admit we all struggle with the task of loving and obeying an invisible Dad we have never met nor understood very well. Unfortunately, church fails to help us overcome this fundamental issue because the minute you get real about how hard this is and how Christianity has not made it any easier, Christians shut you down. They can't handle the "negativity" so they dismiss the issue with platitudes like, "It takes faith! Fake it til' you make it. You're too negative. Etc." In this podcast, Katrina and Tim share powerful insights and practical strategies that we have used to end this pattern for ourselves in order to finally have a strong, faith-based relationship with God. Learn how to overcome negative thoughts and know God as someone who cares for you so you can be in a connected relationship with him at last...
  • Podcast - Handling Everyday Verbal Abuse God's Way — You might never experience physical abuse, but there is no escaping verbal abuse unless you live as a hermit away from all humans. Verbal abuse is commonplace today if you work at an office, are active on social media like Facebook (or have a post-trib rapture teaching website..) or if you belong to a church where gossip is the norm. Heck, if you have friends or family you will have verbal abuse. So, how do you handle these assaults God's way? How do you not respond in kind with those juicy retorts you think up? Tim and Katrina discuss strategies and key verses to overcome in this overlooked but crucial aspect so you can have "maturity" in the faith according to Jesus' brother, James (Jas 3:2). (You are tired of being an immature believer, right?)
  • My Two Dreams Revealing What the Marked & the Saints Will Both Be Doing During the Tribulation (Scary) — To my surprise, God gave me two dreams of the Great Tribulation in fall, 2017, both with startling revelations. In this post I share these revelations including the horrific project that I saw the wicked people doing on an industrial scale under Satan in the Great Tribulation. Also the perhaps equally surprising similar focus in the camp of the saints in Jordan that we will be doing. Both revelations make perfect sense when you hear them, but, like me, you would never have guessed them both. Katrina also had a dream confirming the second one that I will touch on. So read on for three confirming, connecting dreams!
  • Podcast: Ending Disconnection With God - Part 2! — Many have told us how the insights in our popular podcast How to End Disconnection With God have been "life-changing." Despite this, some report that they still beat themselves up or otherwise struggle to work through guilt, shame or regret about not doing what Jesus said to do or “making the same stupid mistakes over and over." They feel rejected by God for these failures even though they've been diligently seeking the Kingdom first more than ever before (Mt 6:33). If this sounds like you, you probably have not yet learned how to "apply the blood of Christ"—perhaps the most important habit for staying connected to God. You're not alone as it took Tim and Katrina decades to discover and establish this important healthy habit and quickly deal with bad feelings. After we conclude the podcast, stay tuned for a "post-credits" segment we recorded immediately after because Katrina got a new insight that explains Revelation 12:11 literally (before Tim ever did!). In other words, by learning and practicing the wisdom in this teaching, you personally will be part of an end time prophecy fulfillment!
  • Podcast: Yes, Peace In Hard Trials Is Attainable Jesus said "in this life you will have trials" (John 16:33) yet Christians receive no comprehensive training on how to "suffer well." Frankly, the concept of enduring trials with "joy" like Jesus' brother James describes sounds crazy and unattainable (Jas 1:2). That's what I used to think, too. After nearly losing our firstborn son and staying with him at the hospital for 24 days, we learned some helpful keys to maintaining real peace in trials. This podcast shares how we stayed in faith throughout the ups and downs. Includes a major breakthrough Tim made that can help everyone who squirms looking at people in hopeless situations like amputees. Listen to this podcast before your next trial comes!
  • Three Big Events I Expect In 2022 Based On Two Dreams — For years I've said that Damascus' destruction is the first “bad news” end time event (after Yeshua's Good News finally returns worldwide). But when? Before or after the 70th Week starts in 2024? Since 2005, it's been left ambiguous on my book's Revelation Roadmap because Scripture does not specify. Now, through two dreams that God gave me years ago and some recent new inspirations and deductions, I finally have a good idea on the year and am ready to share it with supporters. (One went bonkers when I told her.) Also find out what type of community Judea will be, how soon you can go there and even can you bring your pets? Lastly, if moving to Judea is so soon (for some), what do I think God said to focus on now... (Hint: it starts with a 'C')
  • Podcast: How to Stop Complaining (& Save Your Family in the Process?) — Christians are not taught how complaining repels blessings and attracts curses as Exodus 15-16 graphically proves and Paul warned (1Co 10:9-10). This happens because even a grumbling thought puts you out of the faith needed to please God (Heb 11:6=2Co 10:5). In this talk, we share powerful insights and testimonies for overcoming both superficial and "engine warning light" complaints in your words and your thoughts. Learn how doing repentance like this blesses you now and may be the only way your family will follow you to Judea later (Joel 2:32) as the precedents of Noah's and Lot's families shows!
  • Dream: "Fountain of Youth" Healings ComingGod's plan for the saints to gather in Judea to escape the end times (Joel 2:28=Mt 24:16) sounds unfeasible for many reasons including the poor health or medical dependencies of most Western adults. Divine healing must be given to God's servants again just like it was in the exodus from Egypt (Ps 105:37 KJV). But there is no prophecy that promises that. So I prayed for confirmation. In this dream, God did just that with a bonus insight: exactly where and how the healing will take place for those who obey God's command to flee. Once again, it's not what I originally thought or what most would prefer!
  • Podcast: Facing (and Fixing) Your Unrighteousness With The End Approaching —  Question: why do you keep up with Tim's writing or serve God? If the honest answer to both is predominately "to escape the end," you are just like most readers, including one named Brenda, who have a major problem. In this podcast, Brenda tells the story of how a couple of my articles on the righteousness needed to reach or fit in at Judea spun her into depression because they exposed her wrong motivation for serving God (survival, not relationship) as a liability for end time survival. As Brenda's story shows, with the end times coming and the need to be both strong and righteous to have God's help (Lk 21:36), our normal tendency to be or feel unrighteous can be exceptionally scary and depressing. Are you ready to stop hiding from God and distracting yourself and to finally face your unrighteousness head on? You can overcome it starting now with the wisdom and successful strategies found in this podcast from Brenda, Katrina, and Tim.
  • Simple Endtime Events List - This is a unique, simple list of end time events from "here to eternity" as requested by a supporter, provided for other supporters only. It includes each event with brief descriptions, Scripture references and the year based on the sabbath year cycles and my personal dreams.
  • "400 Days from now Damascus will be destroyed" = The Exact Date (Unconfirmed) —  In March 2021 I was asking God if my expectation of the Mideast war in April 2022 would turn out wrong. This is the second reassurance that I received on that concern…
  • Tim Ran The Race With Endurance And Passed The Baton - Our beloved Tim is waiting for us to join him in the clouds. Now what? Where do we go from here?
  • End-Time Events Preparation - What are we exactly supposed to be doing to prepare?
  • Charles King?- Now what? - Many Bible Prophecy enthusiasts never expected Charles to become king. It was expected that End-time events would happen before he had the chance. Where do we go from here?
  • Preparation For 2023-2030 Sabbath Year Cycle- Here we are at the beginning of a new Sabbath Year Cycle. Is this the 70th week or do we look for another cycle in the future before our Beloved Messiah returns?
  • Is This The Israel War We Are Looking For? - The worst war in Israel broke out on October 7th, 2023 in the early morning. Is this the Middle East war we have been waiting for that kicks off End-time events? What should we do?

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Deborah - April 26, 2023

Hi Katrina,
Very sorry about your loss. Just wondering if the support team is still active? I’m having trouble going through paypal and want to make sure I have current info on how to pay to access Tim’s articles. I do believe Charles has just been accurately identified as the man of sin/son of perdition.
God bless,

    Tim McHyde - May 7, 2023

    Dear Deborah!
    Yes, the support team is still active. Some articles of Tim or myself are accessible for Support Team members only.
    PayPal access is still working. If you still have problems, please let me know I will help.
    Blessings from Germany,

Mic - October 3, 2022

Trust the plan.

Two more weeks.

itching ears have no shortage of ear scratchers

Christine - August 24, 2021

Dear Tim

Its good to read that you are on the mend what I would like to know is when will the 2 witnesses appearand do we know who they are

May GOD bless you and your family


    Tim McHyde - August 24, 2021

    Christine, I think they are here and known now that 2022 is approaching…to a small group. The world will may know Elijah by 2024 preaching (Mt 24:14) and their 1260 day witness should begin in 2027 until 2030.

      bryan simon - August 27, 2021

      It’s going to be awesome to see news articles on Elijah.

        Geoff - August 31, 2021

        Bryan, it may not be that obvious to see those “news articles”. The “news” is no longer delivered by a well-dressed, stoic soul sitting behind a large timber desk on one of a handful of TV channels.

        News is now generated many, many times per second and dispersed asynchronously via an almost innumerable array of channels, sites, feeds and messaging services, apart from the large number of over-the-air and internet-based public and paid channels.

        I suspect that news of anyone claiming to be Elijah will be immediately parroted, parodied, distorted, discredited and mocked to the extent that it will be extremely difficult to pick apart truth from fiction.

        Stay tuned though, there is hope for anyone who is in touch with God, who is watching with anticipation, who is yearning for a return of His will being done on earth and his Kingdom returning to earth. Truth-seekers will have to remain on full alert. There will be countless false leads and distractions as we approach the outworking of Mal 4:5-6.

          Tim McHyde - August 31, 2021

          Geoff, when Elijah comes I doubt very much he will claim he is Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6 or even to be a prophet as a prophet cannot testify of himself John 5:31 (for this reason Jesus never called himself the Messiah but others testified of that instead). Elijah will just share God’s instructions and lead those saints who respond. It’s helpful to keep in mind that believers are not looking for Elijah anyway but rather for Jesus.

          Nerveless, as you said he will be mocked for what he says is coming and the move one needs to make to Judea to escape. He will be the subject of many memes I’m sure.

          bryan simon - September 2, 2021

          Do you think he will go by the name Elijah? Do you think he will have memories of Elisha and his previous time here on Earth?

          With Queen Elizabeth being 95 and Prince Charles being someone who has waited a while to be King, it’ll be interesting to watch it all unfold.

          Oh how I hope we get to see it, and pray for the faith to “escape all these things.”

          Johan Pretorius - September 3, 2021

          Hi Brian, the way I understand according to what I have learned from Tim’s articles, the 3rd Elijah is not a reborn person from the past but a current born individual who will take the role of Elijah like John the Baptist did.

          MICHAEL A - April 18, 2023

          Are you kidding us?

          Charles identified himself (by testimonial evidence) in 1969 as the antiChrist, when he stated he gets his power from the Red Dragon (of Wales). Review the preponderance of Scriptural evidence against Charles’ personal “Coat of Arms”, even the little horn he has referred to as “his little horn”.

      Geoff - March 9, 2024

      Now that we’re a couple of months into 2024, it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

George Minor - April 4, 2020

I made a donation of $100 and would like to know how to set up an account with your org.

    Tim McHyde - April 4, 2020

    George, thank you, bless you. Check your email for your account.

Christopher Dirkers - May 18, 2018

Wow, my research so close to yours Tim; both led by the Spirit of Truth I guess.
Gene Faulstich (RIP), some years ago clued me into his scripture calendar studies and showed Daniel 12’s 1290 and 1335 days being 601BC to 690AD (Abomination of Desolation of Mt. Moriah with completion of Dome of The Rock Mosque), then 1335 (years) to “The End” i.e. 2024-25 AD.
Second witness comes from Ivan Panin’s establishment of 1426 BC as Joshua’s going into Canaan and commencing the Jubilee schedule. When does the 70th Jubilee (7×10 i.e. rest x God) begin: 2024.
So your work very close to Faulstich and Panin. I’m impressed. CD

Johan Pretorius - November 23, 2017

Hello Tim,

I would like to take the opportunity to discuss some positives…since I seriously started with the support team forum in July.

Firstly, I improved my praying and now regularly pray in the mornings and evenings which feels great. I also have a daily discussion with our Father Yehovah and Yeshua, when I take the dogs for a walk, about my current situation and where I am in my spiritual growth and the strong points and weak points.

I am very grateful at the moment for what I have and for the daily provisions I receive, accommodation, food, clothes, transport, monthly finances etc. I also managed to overcome a weakness of mine for over four months now which I am very happy about.

As always thank you and Katrina for your valuable insights and teachings that you have shared with us so far and let’s hope it continues.

Br Johan

Thomas Burke - June 13, 2017

Wow, Sam, so good to hear about your about your giant leap forward.

Taking in Tim’s teachings about the literal meaning of the SOM has had a similar effect on me during my stay here in a bare bones Costa Rica Social Security Hospital. Loving, sharing, witnessing, and caring for other patients has kept me busy here for a couple weeks while on the waiting list for major spinal surgery and greatly increased my inner joy and confidence in being able to tap into the the well of life Yeshua promised. I have finally been able to retrieve a good measure of that first love I had some 40 + years ago in Him!

I should be good to go for another 10-15 yrs that I plan to use to study and share Tim’s teachings since I now have a small pension that has allowed me close the law office and take care of the important pending matters and hopefully be part of “the most amazing time in human history” as you so rightly put it.
May our beloved Lord grant you the strength of an ox and the vision of an owl to go the full stretch ahead!

Jody Finne - June 7, 2017

Greeting Tim,

Your spiritual journey is very inspiring and insightful! I listened to your pod cast about the new novel about prophecy, end times. Using a novel format like the “Harbinger” which became a NY Times Best Seller, is an excellent idea! Have you read “Identity Theft” by Ron Cantor, a Messianic Jew and Minister? It’s one of the best religious novels I’ve read in a long time! I have been a Christian for over 40 years. However, I intuitively knew that the Roman Catholic church took the writings of the New Testament and created a “replacement theology”. Ron Cantor makes a point in his novel to demonstrate how Hebrew names like Yeshua (Jesus), Kefa (Peter), Shaul (Paul), Mary (Miriam), James (Jacob), etc. first became Greek translated then converted to English in the KJV. Another insightful book is “The Rabbi who found the Messiah” by Carl Gallups, based on the true story and 2006 prophecy, relevation of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri. I became acquainted with Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat’s ministry in Israel. Although raised as an Orthodox Rabbi, Zev became a believer in Yeshua through an online internet relationship with a Christian in California that kept pointing Zev to Isaiah 53 – Messiah. Zev asked his rabbinical grandfather and 26 other Orthodox Rabbis who is the Messiah being referred to in this chapter (Isaiah 53). Zev received 32 different answers! Most Orthodox Jews are not familiar with sacred passages in the Old Testament. They think Psalms 22 written by David and inspired by the Holy Spirit, is a denoucement of Christ on the Cross, “Father, Father, Why have you forsaken me?”. Zev responds by saying God could not look upon his son at the moment all the sins of the world were placed on the sacrificial, passover lamb. Another minister stated Rabbis in Jesus day, cited the first sentence of a scripture before there were Bibles with chapters and verses.

Highly recommend you read Zev’s testimony and story how he suffered financially and emotionally for becoming a believer in Yeshua and eventually a Messianic Rabbi instead of an Orthodox one. He is leading the way of the Kaduri Revival in Israel, having the unique ability to speak both English and Hebrew. He is well versed in the Torah, Talmud, and Bible. I call him the “Modern Day” Apostle Paul. You requested on your podcast for us Support Team members to share unique, and inspiring stories! Here is Zev Porat’s story:

I am going to meet him and the Watchmen in Boise, Idaho on August 19-21 for the “Sign of The Heavenlies” conference. They picked this date to see the Virgo star constellation (Revelations 12 sign) and the solar eclipse which should pass over Boise on August 21st.

Tim…I totally agree with your thoughts about forgiveness, spiritual patience, and remaining positive in prayer! I stumbled on these and other spiritual principles while attending both Unitarian and Center for Spiritual Awareness (Ernest Holmes founder) services in Sacramento, California.

Shalom and Blessings!

~ Jody

Suzanne Roberts - May 23, 2017

Tim, Can you remind us support team members how we can upscale our donations once we have been a support team contributor for awhile but are finding opportunity to provide an increased level?

    Tim McHyde - May 23, 2017

    Suzanne, the steps are 1. Login to PayPal, 2 Click Profile (at top right next to “Log out”) and select “Profile and settings”. 3. Click “My money.” 4. Click Update in the My “preapproved payments” section. 5. Click the listing for my site 6. Under “Payment method,” click Change.

Tim McHyde - January 10, 2017

LC, Sure do it at the donations page and I’ll credit your account when i wake up and see it. Pick the month to month subscription.

Sue W - December 25, 2016

Hi Tim and Katrina,
I really enjoyed the support team content with my initial one off donation.
I’ve decided to make a monthly commitment to help provide some certainty for your work.
If I expect you to teach me, I think contributing (whatever one can) is fair.
I can do without a few cups of coffee or a couple of magazines a month for this, that’s for sure.
Thanks for your teachings and for being so accessible.

    Tim McHyde - December 25, 2016

    Thank you for your sacrifice! It’s easy to be accessible and help as I enjoy talking with truth-seekers like yourself, Sue. God bless you.

Richard Martin - November 21, 2016

If you sign up on the Patreon website, it will get you out to a broader audience who would not ordinarily hear your teaching ministry.
The other advantage of using Patreon is the people who go there are already in the giving mindset, many simply because they are grateful to support creative and insightful people. It is a win-win for both you and your visitors because it is a direct financial support stream and a place they can be pointed to your materials.
Hope that helps…

    Tim McHyde - November 21, 2016

    Thanks for the reminder. I’ve had another person suggest it. Unfortunately it does not work with with my site’s membership forum yet (s2member) so that patrons can get automatic premium access, hmm, at least not here, but I guess hosted on patreon’s site?

elana howell - October 29, 2016

Hi, Tim !
I want to order 3 of your new edition End Times books and donate for 1 month on Support Team but don’t want to do Paypalor or credit card. Can I send money direct to you or stop by BOA with payment ?

I have intended to contact you for some time with questions and the right time has come.

Part of my great interest in your book (I’m the one who “accidentally” found it in a thrift store bin -likely my best find””) is that you were living my dream. I had been to CR for 2 weeks and felt at home. No army, no reactors, and life more important than money,etc. No news is good news re Central America because most news is bad in the North. My son says the NWO will be there soon enough but I am just tired of living with and supporting hate and violence.I want to go back and see if God has a purpose for me there. I am selling my property here and wonder if I should re-invest in America for many reasons, and most of me does not want to be here anyway.I know He called your family to Germany and wonder what you have discovered about his purpose for you.

More importantly your book led me to visit Messianic churches for a year to experience the Festivals and OT worship – was hoping to make the Bible one book but found that they neglect the new covenant as the Christian churches dismiss OT and prophecy. I am now relying on my personal relationship with God , Scripture and the Holy Spirit as my guides but there is still a gap to bridge. Worship with fellow believers is a great strength especially in troubled times and who can I turn to for the major events of life ? I guess my children will have to get their minister to speak for me when I pass away ,at this point! I’m asking what your family does for worship service and celebration of life events -and do you have or know about an internet Bible-based study group ?

Your friend,


    Tim McHyde - October 29, 2016

    Sure you can send to my BoA either by ACH/Direct Deposit or by mailing to the address above or stopping by your local branch and using my account number.
    I’ll email you on your other questions.

Neal Mayer - October 25, 2016

Tim, thanks for your many thought provoking articles. You challenge my mind in your writings and I can connect with you in some ways that I’m not sure how to explain. I am not the best reader and many times struggle with losing focus in general. Your writing methods have a way of keeping my attention. Much of your quest seems to be about getting to the truth and I am totally on board with that. I also appreciate you teaching the overarching truth of all of this by doing what Jesus said, love God and others. I appreciate what you are doing. I still have many questions and uncertainties in my mind with some things you teach but I hope with time I will be able to nail things down better.

Thomas Garza - October 23, 2016

Congrats Tim on moving the Website forward with this new amenity. I subscribe to a few Web- Ministry’s and like most viewers I cannot support each of the Ministries that I watch, even though I will give a Gift on occasion. What I have done is to decide which Ministry’s have the best information for the area of my interest and have committed to that specific venue. This has freed me up to NOT be compulsive with my giving. I have learned as a Former Christian Counselor that unless my Clients PAID for their Sessions, they didn’t realize as much progress as those who did. It is a simple TRUTH of Life that we don’t typically cherish that which is FREE and we don’t assess as much lasting value to FREE things.. By committing to a few sites on a Monthly basis, it has made budgeting my discretionary income much easier. Looking forward to the upcoming videos and such. Regards to Katrina and the Kids. Thanks again !

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